Best Restaurants for Kids in the Sacramento Area

Published: February 27, 2014

Face it - dining out with kids is hard!  You shouldn't have to sacrifice a fun night out because you don't have a sitter.  The more the merrier, so bring the little ones along to these fun locations that are great for kids in the Sacramento area!  This list will get you through your next ten outings.

  1. Red Robin

    A long time favorite of many people in the area, Red Robin is a fun restaurant with many locations throughout the Sacramento area, including Folsom, Roseville, Citrus Heights, and Elk Grove.  Red Robin is fun for the whole family, has tasty and zesty food, and even has a small arcade for the kids.  Make sure to ask for a balloon on the way out!

  2. Chili's

    Chili's is great if you are in the mood for a fun time, but still want to bring your kids along.  It is definitely a family environment, and is one of the louder restaurants around.  They have many different, interesting dishes, and some that are large enough for sharing.  Make sure to check out the dessert menu!

  3. Claim Jumper

    Claim Jumper is great when it comes toaccommodating children.  It's a family friendly restaurant, complete with a children's menu, coloring pages, and sometimes you can even get your hands on a balloon.  The booths are very large, so there is even room to set a baby carrier or car seat.  Make sure to ask for a high chair if you're bringing a toddler.

  4. Pluto's

    A highly rated lunch and dinner restaurant in Sacramento, this is a great choice for those with children.  The Sacramento location is within the Arden Fair Mall, so you're not stuck inside of four typical walls with the children.  They have great desserts, so you can reward your children for good behavior with a tasty treat!

  5. Squeeze Inn

    A favorite for the locals, the Squeeze Inn is a delicious burger joint, featuring large portions.  Kids are definitely welcomed here, and you can be provided with a high chair for the little ones.  There are a few different locations in the area, so travel time with the kids shouldn't be too long.

  6. The Cheesecake Factory

    While the decor in The Cheesecake Factory suggests that it may be for the adult, sophistacted crowd, think again!  This restaurant provides both class and service for the whole family.  They suppy high chairs and coloring pages, along with crayons, for the little ones.  Your kids will certainly love the variety of cheesecake offered in this restaurant!  S'mores cheesecake, anyone?

  7. Opa Opa!

    Opa opa, indeed!  This is a great Greek restaurant located in midtown.  The food is delicous, the price is right, and they definitely welcome children.  I seriously can't explain to you how terrific the food is here.  There is an outdoor seating area with room for the kids to play if they finish their food early and want to kick around a little bit.  The owner of the restaurant owns the amazing ethnic bakery next door, so make sure to take the kids over there next!

  8. In-N-Out Burger

    If you're from California, chances are you have definitely been to In-N-Out Burger.  Whenever you see two palm trees in the distance, you know you are approaching a location.  This restaurant is far from your typical fast food joint.  The food is always freshly made, never frozen.  While one can't call a burger and fries healthy, In-N-Out does ues healtheir ingredients, and you just feel better when you leave than you would at some other fast food restaurants.  Make sure to ask for an In-N-Out paper hat for your kids (or even yourself) before you leave!

  9. BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

    BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, commonly just referred to as "BJ's", is a great restaurant in the Sacramento area, featuring a great children's menu.  It is a relaxed, fun environment with something to fit every taste, including your children's.  You definitely have to make sure you and your kids try out the Pazooki - BJ's original treat featuring a pan sized cookie and unique ice cream flavors.

  10. Leatherby's Family Creamery

    A Sacramento classic, Leatherby's Family Creamery is mainly known for it's 1950's style ice cream, but they don't stop there!  This ice cream parlor is also a restaurant, with burgers, sandwiches, and other fun foods to choose from.  Open late, this restaurant is a great stop for those special weekends, a treat after the movies, or a mid day lunch!

All of these restaurants are great for children.  Based on fun, atmosphere, taste, cost, and overall value, Red Robin tops this list at #1.  The attentive staff, arcade, balloons, high chairs, and coloring pages should be enough to affirm every parent that children are definitely welcomed in the environment.  Stop on by and try out one of their great burgers!