The Best Mexican Restaurants in the Sacramento Area

Published: February 27, 2014

This is a list of the best Mexican restaurants in the Sacramento region!  Ranging from fresh-Mex to authentic Mexican food, there is definitely something for every taste bud alike on this list.  Read the list, and then go enjoy some great Mexican cuisine!  Make sure to try them all out to determine which is your personal favorite!

  1. El Tapatio

    El Tapatio is a fresh new restaurant located in the former El Toritio building in Citrus Heights.  El Tapatio features amazing design, with it's decor coming straight from Mexican.  The food is very authentic, and they even have people make your tortillas and guacamole right in front of you.  Portions are large.  This restaurant is a very fun and tasty place to go!

  2. Hacienda Del Rio

    The Hacidena Del Rio, most commonly referred to as "The Hacienda", is a restaurant in the Folsom area that any of the locals have surely been to.  Located on Sutter Street, right across from the Folsom Motel, the Hacienda is a favorite to many.  If you don't want to sit indoors, you have access to a large, outdoor balcony area.  The portions are large, the food is spectacular, and the drinks are always fun, fruity, and fresh.  Plus, they have a large beer selection!  The price is definitely right as well - two people can easily dine for under $30.

  3. Chevy's on the River

    A lot of people have been to Chevy's locations, as they are not exlusive to Sacramento, but chances are you haven't been to a location on the river.  This location, right off of Garden Highway in Sacramento, is great if you are looking for the common fresh-Mex taste you love, in a fun atmosphere.  Located right above the river, everyone in this location seems to be happier.  The chips and salsa are to die for, and the bar service is excellent.  Make sure to try out the strawberry daquiris!

  4. Aldaberto's

    Aldaberto's may look like a regular fast food joint at first glance, but when you try it out, you will realize that it is far from it.  Aldaberto's, commonly referred to as "Addy's" by the locals, is a great drive through and dine in joint, with many locations throughout the Sacramento region.  The portions are huge, and the taste beats any other Mexican drive through chain by far.  If you go inside, you are invited to a large chip and dip bar.  Addy's is 24 hours, and is a great stop on a night home from the bar.

  5. La Placita

    La Placita is a delicious taqueria located in Citrus Heights.  The food always tastes fresh, service is always friendly and courteous, and the price is always right.  It is a rather large restaurant, so you usually never have to wait for a table.  The restaurant is also very accomadating to families with young children.

  6. Sol Az Teca

    Sol Az Teca, located in Folsom, may be small and hidden, but it is definitely a hidden gem.  This restaurant has been around for a very long time, and there is a reason why.  The food is fresh and authentic, the decor makes you feel as though you are in Mexico, and the wait staff provides you with great service.

  7. El Torito

    While the El Torito in Citrus Heights may be no more, don't worry!  There is a location right across the street from the Arden Fair mall in Sacramento.  El Torito is a favorite in the area, and their happy hour deals are amazing (think $2 tacos every night of the week..not just on Taco Tuesday!).  The drinks are fun, the setting is great, and service is top notch.

  8. Chipotle

    While Chipotle isn't just restricted to Sacramento, there are definitely an abundance of locations here.  Chipotle is similar to the Subway of Mexican food.  You walk in, go down a food line, and choose what you'd like in your burrito, burrito bowl, taco, or salad.  The best thing about Chipotle is that it is dependle - the ingredients are always fresh and tasty.  They have always had a great beer selection, and now they feature their signature margaritas.  A great place for lunch or dinner!

  9. Valencia's Carniceria

    This place is amazing.  It looks like a simple hole in the wall restaurant, and that's exactly what it is...a hole in the wall with amazing food.  This place is the definiton of authentic.  Staff members wear Mexican jerseys, Mexican channels are on the TV, they feature a bakery full of Mexican treats, and it is attached to a small Mexican store.  The food is delicious, the chip bar is great, and the service is always friendly.

  10. Dos Coyotes

    This is a favorite to many locals.  It is a chain, so there are several locations, but the one located off of 65th is the go to Mexican spot for midtown and downtown residents alike.  You order your food at a counter, but then are greeted with table service as well.  There is a large drink selection, and the dips at the chip bar are great.

While all of these restaurnants are great Mexican spots in the Sacramento area, this writer's personal opinion is that El Tapatio is the best!  It is exactly what the Sunrise Blvd. area needed to give the area a boost.  Based on the decor, service, portion sizes, price, and, of course, the great taste, this restaurant gets two thumbs up!