Best Places for Land Based Fishing in Pensacola, Florida

Published: February 27, 2014

I have and continue to fish often. I live in Pensacola and believe that we have some of the best fishing around, this includes land based fishing. There are many different kinds of fish that you are able to catch at all of these places, and with the right amount of patience and determination you will be able to land fish in all of these places. 

  1. Three Mile Bridge

    If you're driving across the three mile bridge in Pensacola, Florida you will see a fishing pier/bridge that runs along side of it. It doesn't matter what time of day or night you drive by, there will always be people fishing there. I have seen some big fish caught there, and myself have caught a few fish there as well. The majority of what is caught there is the big black drums or redfish during the summer and fall but I have heard of people catching red snapper, and even a few black snappers while fishing there. 

  2. Bob Sykes Bridge

    This is another fishing bridge that is popular with both newbie fishermen and women but with the old men that have been fishing since they were children. I have fished there and pulled up sting rays and sheepshead have been caught there frequently. It does tend to get a little crowded during the summer, but if you time it right you can usually get a pretty good spot and if you stick with it long enough make a really good catch. 

  3. Palafox Pier/Bayfront

    Depending on who you ask they will call this area either one of these names. Most popular during King Season, its one of the main spots for fishermen looking to catch either Kings. I saw a nice one caught there this past summer. I myself have caught black snappers, puffer fish, and other fish here. It's also a good place for more experienced cast net fishermen to throw there nets to catch bait fish. 

This list contains three of the best land based fishing spots in the beautiful Pensacola. If you are looking for a good selection of fish Palafox Pier/Bayfront is the best place for you to hit up. There is always a good selection of different fish and I always caught something this past year while fishing there. Night fishing is also awesome there because if you stay until sunrise you are treated to an amazing view.