Top 5 Activities for Families with Young Kids in Little Rock

Published: February 27, 2014

This is a list of fun activities to do in Little Rock, AR with small children.  It focuses on activities that young children can do and enjoy and that hopefully the parents will like as well. 

  1. Pinnacle Mountain State Park

    Pinnacle Mountain Park is a fantastic park that is located just west of Little Rock.  There's lots to do there, from taking a hike on the trails around and up the mountain, to canoeing or having a picnic.  They actually have a very nice set of playground equipment at the main park entrance that our kids love, and there's also a nice, paved walking trail near the parking area that's great for strollers.

  2. Arkansas Discovery Museum

    The Museum of Discovery has a really nice area for young kids  to play in that includes dress-up clothes, coloring supplies, sandboxes, building toys and more.  Plus, there are lots of neat exhibits that are interactive for older kids as well. 

  3. The Wonder Place

    The Wonder Place is another great place for small kids to play.  There are a large variety of toys and activities available, including stuffed animals, a shopping market, sandboxes, art supplies, dress-up clothes, a water table, plus places to climb and slide.  Best of all, it's indoors so it's great for rainy days.

  4. The Jump Zone

    The Jump Zone is another indoor option that has a bunch of inflatable toys that kids can jump, slide and play on.  On Wednesdays, they have "Toddler Time" where little kids can go and play without having to worry about larger kids zooming about.  

  5. Two Rivers Park

    Two Rivers Park is another one of our favorite parks in Little Rock.  There's several miles of paved walking trail that is great for strollers.  Plus, there are some very nice and scenic picnic areas along the way.  

These are some of the great things to do with your little ones while in Little Rock.  Enjoy!