The 10 Best Personal Checks You Can Buy

Published: February 27, 2014

With credit, debit and gift cards sliding through POS depots at stores, restaurants and even doctors offices, everywhere, what good are checks anymore? Well, you will probably find you still need a check or two for something, like paying a repairman, or, when your bank card fails, or, to stick in a gift. So, be prepared in advance by keeping a supply on hand, This will save you a trip to the bank and the $1 or so they charge for their counter check service. The designs for checks are endless and the choosing can be difficult, instead of giving up and going for blue safety or parchment, take a look at this list.


  1. Under $5 Per Box

    At Super Value Checks find a vast selection of artistic, discounted checks. Super low priced checks, possibley the lowest prices you will ever see anywhere in crayon colors, one color per box design, can be yours for under $5 a box! So economical, you can really save big. Other designs are competitive in cost to their check printing competitors with prices like $10.95  


  2. Recycle

    Also from Cheap Checks Super Value Checks the Planet Earth Checks are in one design for $10.95 a box and sport the logo RECYCLE under the amount area. A large replical of earth with South America, North America, EuroAsio and Africa is embedded in the center of the golden tan checks. This style supports recycling and reminds us of all ecological and green trend. I think a very good check design choice. It is printed on recycled paper and used inks made from soy products.

  3. Bradford Exchange The Nightmare Before Christmas

    One of the nicest things about this selection is there is a matching cover that will probably coordinate with most ladies handbags, or, if your a he, your brown or black wallet. Both the checkbook cover will set you back $20 each when ordering for the first time, but everyone deserves to be extravagent occassionally, don't they? There are four designs on the checks including one each of four different characters from the Disney movie. This is a Disney product and a little different than Minnie or Micky Mouse or Donald Duck, huh?



  4. Your Most Loved University


    For $19.95 look to the Bradford Exchange to provide printed checks for your favorite University. Colorful and classy looking to fun and sportive each University design features four different scenes. You can choose form dozens of colleges from coast to coast. Each one features purposely thought out images that reflect the attitude of that particular school.


  5. Whimsical Animals

    Feast your eyes on Twisted Whiskers Design featuring cats and dog in two designs each with bones, paws or spiked collars in the background and the dog or cat in the upper left corner. These, from Super Value Checks are outrageously cute. Maybe  you would like a cover as well, try some of the designer styles at Super Value Checks starting at $15.95. 

  6. Breeds

    Dog are lovingly created for Bradford exchange and you, you can choose from over thirty types of dogs including Yorkie, Chijuajua, Pug, Westie, Rotweiler, Pomerian and several other distinctive breeds. Each check design presents one pose of your favorite breed. These cost $17.95 a box of 120 checks although you may get two boxes for the cost of one plus a low shipping rate. If you love your dog you will love these.

  7. Cats, Whimsical Cats

    Whimsical cats are a lot of fun hanging around your handbag or dresser top. My two favorite design comes from Bradford Exchange. The first is named I Love My Cat. The cats are stretchy, whimisical little critters with whimsical sayings from either themselves or their owner. Each one has a cute saying. The cost for this is $17.95 plus the second box is free, other than the low shipping for it. The second check


    design comes from Super Value Checks and is named 'Country Cats.' The cost for this check is $5.95 plus shipping per box, each box having four cat scenes.

  8. Photo Checks

    Do you think it is difficult to have photo checks printed? You might have your favotire photos buried under everything and just as soon choose an already made check style but, you might very well enjoy getting a box of checks personalized with your own photo or photos as well. Another thing to consider is that perhaps you have stored some of your favorites digitally online already, this makes it as easy as downloading your digital pictures and uploadng them to the site that creates picture photos. At Super Value Checks you can add your photo to the upper left hand corner and purchase them by the box at $21.99 each box or you can choose the black and white style embedded in the center of your check for $19.99 per box.

    At Styles Checks you can create your own checks with your choice of one designs or four designs. These are in color, yet you could submit black and white photos. The cost is the same. One box is only $20.95 which is a great price. You can also create your own photo checkbook covers for only $19.99 each.

  9. Horses

    The list would not be complete without a design for horse lovers. A beautiful collection of horse pictures is embedded on this check set from Artistic Checks. There are four scenes and these are going to cost you only $15.95 per box. All horse owners are sure to be very pleased with this grouping of horses.

  10. Americana

    Also from Artistic Checks a stupendous American design featuring four delightful takes on the Americana style. Designed by Dianne Knotts who is a professional artist, each scene depicts the heart of deep Americana. This is the kind of check you can sign time and time again and enjoy the spirit involved of being a part of it all.

There are many check printing companies, especially online. They most often have many styles to choose from such as traditional safety or parchment styles and top tear or desk styles all at one place. They also usually sell checkbook covers or include a free vinyl cover with your order. For the custsom designs you may have to look around and see what each company offers. Maybe the above list will be helpful to you in your pursuit of the perfect check.