Best Coffee Shops In Seattle Other Than Starbuck's

Published: February 27, 2014

If you have ever lived or been to Seattle than you know how much we love our coffee. Here Starbuck's are like 7-11, almost on on every corner. Wikipedia states that there are at least 35 coffee shops per 100,000 residents and we drink more coffee than any other state. So I have made it a point to get coffee from other places and not just Starbuck's. Here is a list of my favs. 

  1. Black Rock Coffee

    This is my favorite! Black Rock has several locations around Seattle and even the Portland, Ore. area.  In my opinion they are one of the cheaper coffee shops and the people that work there are super nice. They have a great selection of hot and cold coffees as well as other drinks. My morning favorite is the Jack Hammer, loaded with espresso shots and a slight flavor of vanilla.

  2. Peet's Coffee & Tea

    Peet's Coffee & Tea is another good one. They originally started their coffee business in Berkeley, CA., but brought their coffee expertise to Seattle when the coffee movement began. Why Peet's makes my list is because not only do they have quality coffee they also serve a large variety of teas from all around the world, they even make great drinks for kids. Peet's also made the list of Oprah's Favorite's.

  3. Tully's

    I guess you could say that here in Seattle Tully's is one of Starbuck's biggest competitors.  I personally enjoy Tully's because they have some very tasty goodies, sandwiches and even breakfast stuff. Don't get me wrong as most coffee places sell goodies as well but Tully's always has fresh and well presented food that really makes your mouth water.

So there you have it, my list of best coffee shops in Seattle. So the next time you come to visit or even if you do live here please stop by and enjoy pleasant servers at Black Rock or change it up some and try some tea at Peet's and when your hungry have a bite at Tully's.