Best Heating & A/C in Ottawa County/Saline County, Kansas area

Published: November 13, 2013

This is a list of the best Heating and A/C companies in the Ottawa County/Saline County, Kansas area. From personal use to word of mouth across the county, these companies are though of as some of the best in our area.

  1. Griffin's Contracting, Minneapolis, KS

    Griffin's Contracting has been around since 1948. This long established company does it all from plumbing, remodeling, excavating, to heat and air. This company has some of the nicest people to work with and are very professional. They have been my favorite for several years now.

  2. S&D Heating & Air Conditioning, Bennington, KS

    Next on the list is S&D Heating & Air Conditioning out of Bennington, KS. They are a great company from a small town. Perfect for people who like the personal touch and sometimes feel let down by big name companies that make you take a number and wait.

  3. Callabresi Heating & Cooling, Salina, KS

    Third on my list is Callabresi Heating and Cooling out of Salina, KS. Though a bigger town and a bigger company, they still haven't lost their personal touch and surprisingly feel more like a hometown company. They are prefessional and friendly in just the right combination to make a wonderful company to work with.

While I feel that Griffin's Contracting is the best, all three of these companies are worth the try. They all have the personal feel when you walk in the door, and the knowledge and experience when working on your own heat and air unit.