The Best of Vegan Restaurants in Charlotte,NC

Published: February 26, 2014

This short list is just a taste of the best Charlotte has in vegan cuisine. These restaurants offer a substantial amount of vegan options for those who tend to shy away from meat. They offer beyond typical vegan dishes that you just can't whip up in the kitchen. And they are also raved by locals like myself and featured in several culinary articles about the city.

  1. Luna's Living Kitchen

    For those who are totally serious and want to dive into strictly vegan cuisine, Luna's Living Kitchen is the place. Located in Charlotte's historical South End neighborhood, Luna's, offers dishes made from the freshest local ingredients in the area. Outside of serving yummy veggie burgers like the "Skinny Witch" they also have a wide assortment of organic smoothies (checkout the Pinko Drinko my personal fave) and homemade organic juices( Try out the Pure Vida).

  2. Woodlands

    Cross over into exotic territory with this humble Indian vegan abode located in East Charlotte. In contrast with its simple decor and beautiful white tablecloths, the powerful Indian flavors used here pack a bold punch. Don't be fooled though there is no meat to be found in these vegetable infused curries. They also make a yummy lentil dumpling that is absolutely amazing.

  3. ZiZi's Vegetarian Restaurant

    Check out Zizi's Vegetarian Restaurant which is located in North Charlotte. ZiZi's is a standout among the others because it is one of the only vegan establishments in Charlotte to have a delivery service. ZiZi's offers "faux" meat options in their dishes to disguise the fact that you are actually eating nothing made of meat at all. This Restaurant is also a hit with local college kids in the area.

  4. Berrybrook Farm

     In Dilworth, a East Charlotte neighborhood, is situated a small grocery called Berrybrook farm. Sure you can pick up great fresh ingredients for your pantry at home, but have a yummy vegan snack while doing that. For a reasonable price they offer anything from tempeh sanwiches to tofu dogs that you can enjoy on their cute little porch swing out front.

 My personal favorite on this list would happen to be the eats from Luna's Living Kitchen. Yet, all of these restaurants encompass what vegan cuisine really has to offer in a growing city like Charlotte. Whether you are looking for somehting delivered to your door or in the mood for international cuisine, this list has it all. If you don't take my word for it, try it out yourself.