Top 10 Places To Learn Web Design Online

Published: February 26, 2014

Do you want to learn about Web Design online? You can get Web Design training online that is just as good as training you would find at your local College. There is a lot of training online and it is hard to know what resources are the best. I have gone through the majority of decent Web Design courses online.


  1. Michael Locke Web Design Training

    The reason why I put Michael Locke Web Design Training first on the list is because it is perfect for someone just starting out in Web Design. He is a high end Web Designer that has done work for major corporations. He gives you advice on how to get a job in the Web Design industry which most other courses do not.


  2. W3Schools

    W3Schools is one of my go to resources for HTML, CSS, and other code useful in Web Design. They have great platform for learning, because they have a try it yourself feature that you can play around with to see what the code does. You can also get a Certificate when you have mastered the information.


  3. Tuts+

    Tuts+ has a vast collection of Web Design tutorials for the advanced Web Designer. They have very detailed information on the latest technology in Web Design. I would have put them higher on the list, but they might be a little overwhelming for a beginner. There is a lot of high quality information on the different platforms you can design in. 

  4. Lynda

    Lynda has vast online library of video tutorials for Web Design and several other topics ranging from photography to business. They have tutorials on how to use the tools a Web Designer needs to know like the apps within the Adobe cloud. They don't seem to have a clear track for learning Web Design tho.


  5. Treehouse

    Have you seen the advertisements on Youtube for Treehouse? It seems like I can't watch a Youtube video without seeing one of their advertisements. They have a cool interface that has specific track for people who want to learn Web Design. They also have tracks for people who want to become a Web Developer or learn how to make iPhone apps.


  6. Youtube

    I often find myself looking up video tutorials on Web Design constantly. Every question you could ever have in Web Design there is most likely an uploaded video about that topic. Some of the videos are old, but there is a lot you can learn on Youtube. It amazes me that people will spend their time to teach you for free.


  7. Udemy

    Udemy is a platform that allows people to upload their courses to teach you. The majority of the people who teach courses in Web Design on there work in the Web Design industry or they are teachers in the offline world. You may want to look through several of the courses to find one that has a good rating and has a lot of students.


  8. Smashing Magazine

    This is the premier online magazine for Web Designers. It may be a little too advanced for the beginner, but if you want career in the industry you better read Smashing Magazine. You get the up to date information and latest techniques in the Web Design world. They have a library of ebooks that are for the professional Web Designer.


  9. Web Designer Depot

    The Web Designer Depot blog is a great website to check out. They have a ton of freebies and tutorials for you. The blog seems to be updated everyday, so you can always get new and up to date information. I like their freebie section where I can download tons of icons for free.


  10. WordPress

    Last but not least is If you are going to be a Web Designer you better know something about WordPress. It is a very popular bloggingplatform that has gone way past bloggin in the last couple of years. The Wordpress website offers thousands of free themes, plugins, and a support forum where you can ask questions.


If you want to learn Web Design these ten websites I listed for you will be more than enough for you to get started. If you mastered what these websites teach you could easily be a professional in the industry. The great thing is that you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.