Five Best Plumbers of Mayfield KY

Published: February 26, 2014

Years ago plumbing was not as complex as its is today. Today qualified technicians with licenses and certifications are crucial due to the complex nature of many of our modern fixtures and appliances. Established plumbers have the tools and the courage to get to those pipes and lines and fix them like they need to be fixed.

  1. Riddle's Incorporated Plumbing and Mechanical Contractor

    Riddle's Incorporated Plumbng and Mechanical Contractor is a multiple services plumber. Riddle's handles pipes, water lines, sewers, well pumps, trenching and septic tank needs. Riddle's also provides for storm shelters to those looking for that. Jimmy Riddle, owner, will drill your well and repair plumping lines and fixtures you already have. He is found in Mayfield. Mr. Riddle is perfect if you are looking for someoe to do backhoe work. You can reack Mr. Riddle on mobile phone at: 1-270-705-0922.

  2. Smart Plumbing and Drain Cleaning LLC of Mayfield

    Find this plumber and you wil have someone who can clear your drains. Ronnie Barker also helps your winterize your pipes and lines for protection against bursting pipes which can ruin many things during a cold snap if you have not prevented the mishap through winterizing. Good old faucet repair, toilet repair, repair of hot water heaters and repair of garbage disposals are some more specialties at Smart Plumbing and Drain Cleaning. The businesss number is: 1-270-705-1395.

  3. Eastside Concrete

    Eastside Concrete is a septic tank specialist. Their septic tanks hold up to 1500 gallons, they are, as well, available in smaller sizes if that is what you need. They also offer many septic tank accessories including grease traps, filter tanks, with a special interest in chamber infiltrator systems, and pump tanks. Eastside Concrete sells sewer pipes in many most wanted types also if you simply want to purchase the sewer pipes. Darryl Fulcher is emailable at:


  4. Bluegrass Plumbing and Drain

    Modern sewer inspection, repairs and replacements set the stage with A O Smith. If its your water heater, no problem. If its your sump pump, no problem, and, so on. If you are suffering from leaks or from clogged drains you will get the help you need at Bluegrass. Bluegrass Plumbing and Drain pledges 24 hour emergency service availability including Holidays and weekends, and, will not charge extra for this. Call them at: 1-270-247-6272 or 1-270-415-0557

  5. Routen Plumbing and Electric

    Routen Plumbing is managed by Chan Routen and Jimmy Routen. They have been in the business for fifty plus years. They do plumbing repair, air conditioner repair and heating repair. Found on 222 West Slaughter Road in Mayfield they are in the heart of extreme Western Ky.. You can call this business at: 1-270-328-8080.

What an unpleasant chore plumbing repair can be, mildew-y, damp, rusty, metallic odors and dangerous chemicals to deal with. It is nice to know you can call a good plumber and they will take care of the chore so you don't have to. Plumbers often have other services to offer that harmonize with the plumbing they will be doing, also, you might to see if you can get the particular plumber you want on 24 hour call.