Best Hot Dog Shops in Jamestown

Published: February 26, 2014

A hot dog is a widely available food in msot of the United States, many even consider it an icon of american cuisine. Every region has their own favored variation, often times minute, such as not being served with ketchup. Sometimes they are a more specialty food, topped with cheese and chili, or peppers and onions. Jamestown NY, several hot dog shops, offering what would be considered elsewhere to be an "inferior," hot dog, is beloved by many with a ferocious loyalty.

  1. Johnny's Lunch

    Johnny's Lunch, certainly the most widely known local hot dog place, because a few years ago they began franchises in other cities. Johnnys lunch offers the beloved local dish the "texas hot." The texas hot is essentally a very small hot dog, (usually served 3 at a time due to the size) cooked tender and served on a steamed bun with a with special "hots" sauce, which is more like a gravy, and generally diced onions and yellow mustard. This is considered by most to be the "original." They also offer hot dogs of other regions, including the New Jersey Dog, Chicago Dog, and so on. Certainly the largest selection of hot dogs and toppings in town, but for a first timer, get the classic Texas Hot, and leave preconcived notions about thick bratwurst type dogs at the door.

  2. Michaels A.J.'s

    Michaels A.J.s is a spinoff of the classic Texas Hot, very similar (though with minute differences) in taste and texture. Though this location lacks the variety of hot dog toppings, they have quitea few saving graces. Being open late everyday is an obvious benefit, but they also offer a wide variety of menu items. This place has hot dogs and hamburgers that never dissapint, along with typical sides, taco salad, fried clams, perfect chicken wings, chili, and even fish fry on fridays. If you cannot decide where to go for lunch there is a decent chance Michaels A.J.'s will have somehting to appeal to you.

  3. A.J.'s

    Another A.J.'s location started by the other family members. This is a location that never dissapoints, typically service is quicker than either the other locations. Though sit down space is minimal, the offering of an efficient drive through window certainly helps keep customers rotating in and out so the place though small is rarely overcrowded. While not as diverse as the other places listed,  it means what few things they do serve, they serve perfectly. Try a loganberry shake (the local favorite) to wash down the Texas hot, it will certainly be a meal to remember.

While each of these restaraunts certainly have their similarities, all offering the smae vcore menu, each location has a different feel to it. Looking to try 6 different types of hot dogs, in that case Johnny's Lunch is the way to go. Going out for lunch with a group of diverse taste, Michaels AJ's is almost always a safe bet. Of course if its cold and you don't want to get out of the car, or are simply in a rush, AJ's will be a safe bet for a classic Jamestown lunch.