Best Boy Scout Camps of WNY and Northeast PA

Published: February 26, 2014

This list aims to educate others about great local Boy Scout camps and the  special skills that each camp has to offer. This also will aim to show each camp's specialty equipment not available at other camps.  Additionally we will discuss the general professionalism and proficiency of the staff, as well as their attitude as viewed by campers.

  1. Camp Merz, Mayville NY

    Camp Merz is a rather unique camp in many ways. Unlike the typical scout camp, which is well off the beaten track, Camp Merz is actually on a main road in Mayville NY. This coupled with its amazing flat terrain throughout main camp, making it ideal for the differently abled. The waterfront is amongst the top in the area, offering direct access to Lake Chautauqua. Offering many different motorboats, sailboats, a full fleet of canoes, and a variety of waterfront toys. The staff has over the years, maintained an enthusiastic and professional demeanor, that has attracted troops from across the country and globe for years.

  2. Camp Babcock-Hovey

    Camp Babcock Hovey is again, another Camp offering a waterfront that truly is second to none other. Situated perfectly upon one of the many finger lakes, offering canoeing and kayaking to entertain even the most seasoned paddler for days. Combine that with a well run council, with happy and excited staff who genuinely love their jobs, equals a perfect summer camp experience. The fact that the camp spans a large area and maintains their amazing and beautiful facilities, fromt he bb range to the COPE course, there is something to offer the greenest scout as well as the most seasoned Scoutmaster.

  3. Camp Olmsted

    Camp Olmsted. The often overlooked diamond int he rough. Camp Olmsted is one of the smallest Camps in the region. With such a small summer program attendance that in recent years offering only one week of summer camp staffed by volunteers is not unheard of. Obviously, a staff willing to work for no compensation, most likely loves their job. On top of the fact this small camp offers lovely waterfront of the crisp Kinzua Reservoir, and breathtaking campfire circles that overlook the lake several hundred feet below. The camp, despite the small stature, offers breathtaking hiking areas, with elevation change of several hundred feet to challenge even more seasoned hikers.

Though we only discussed three camps of the dozens available in the the region, these are three with amazing services and facilities that will not disappoint. Please feel free to try any others, but each of these three offer a specific special something. Looking for a rustic but well stocked Camp? Try Babcock-Hovey. Looking for a more slow paced easy to get to, and get around? Merz is for you. Looking for a small camp that offers a more rustic but nonetheless breathtaking, perhaps Olmsted can suit your needs.