Products every new Parents Should Own

Published: February 25, 2014

This article is a collection of ten products that every new parent should own to make life with baby a little easier. I have worked with newborns and babies up to there toddler age and older for a number of years and have tried a lot of different products when caring for children. These are the ones that I feel like are excellent in helping care for baby. 

  1. Dr Brown's Bottles

    I have used a multitude of different brands of bottles over the years and have decided that these bottles are the best of the best. They have features that I feel like every bottle company should take notice of. The major attraction to Dr Brown's Bottles is the fact that there is a straw like device that connects to the nipple. This ensures that there is no bubbling in the bottle and helps the baby get all the milk out of the bottle. 

  2. Sophie the Teething Giraffe

    This isn't neccesarily for newborns, but it does come in handy once your baby starts teething. It is a plastic giraffe designed for babies to gum, and slobber and teeth on. It's sturdy and will last the whole time your child is teething and beyond. Unlike some other teethers it isn't filled with a potentially harmful liquid, and isn't made of something that will chip or crack. It is sturdy and will last a long time. 

  3. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

    This is the best baby lotion that I have ever used. It does an amazing job and healing babys skin, or just keeping it moisturized. Not only is it good for baby but it is good for mommy too. I actually used this lotion not only on all the babies that I have nannied for but I used it myself when I got my tattoo done. It is fragrance free and great for senstivie skin. 

  4. Boogie Wipes

    It's no secret that babies are kind of snotty. They don't have a great immune system and can catch colds fairly easy causing there nose to become snotty and runny and just plain gross. Boogie Wipes are the answer to this. They are wet wipes to wipe baby's gross nose with, not only do they have saline in them helping clear nasal passages but the fact that they are wet help get the crusties off babies face and nose as well. 

This is a short list of items that I feel like will make life with baby easier. They are products that I have used and tested and have made caring for babies easier for me. The lotion and Boogie Wipes are the most helpful when caring for baby and making sure they are super healthy and for caring for them when they do get sick.