Android Apps

Published: February 25, 2014

This is a list of the android apps that I use either to entertain myself, to pass the time or to organize my life a little better. They are all free apps, although the games do have in app purchases. They all work without the in app purchases however. This is a collection of apps that I have and use on my Android powered Evo 3D 4G but are available for all the recent Android phones. 

  1. Simpsons Tapped Out

    This interactive game has taken the world by storm. It's a great game designed much in the same way that hit Facebook game Farmville was, but it pokes fun at itself in the game. I have become addicted to the game, and have tried to level up as quickly as possible. It's got great graphics and fun missions that you have to complete in order to earn points, game cash and level up. 

  2. Google Chrome

    Are you tired of dealing with the stock web browser that came when you started your phone? Then download Google Chrome for Android. It has the same features as the browser you use on your computer but all shrunk down to be able to use on your phone. You can also link the browser you use on your computer with your phone so that you can share bookmarks with yourself between both things. It runs videos and other websites with no problem. Probably the best web browser made for android. 

  3. Google Drive

    This is a great app that makes it so  you can write and edit documents and spreadheets from any android device including your phone as well as from your computer. It saves them all online so that you don't have a million documents on your phone or computer. You can also share them via email or other ways online. 

  4. Pixlr Express

    This is a mobile editing application that has a lot of different filters, editing tools and other tools for making your pictures pop. It doesn't take up too much space, and has the most options of any of the photo editing websites that I have ever used. You can add text to your photos as well as stickers and thought bubbles. It's great if you're an avid photographer or if you take a lot of pictures of your kiddos and want to add dates or information to them before posting them to Facebook, Instagram or emailing them to family and friends. 

This list contains apps that I think are ones everybody should try. Google Chrome is the best to accomplish a lot of different things, as it loads every website that I have tried to pull up on it. It has great sharing options and the option to be able to load your book marks from your computer pushes it over the top. I think that all of these apps bring something extra to your phone to transform it from just a phone into a entertainment device.