Websites to Get A Great Deal Shopping Online

Published: February 25, 2014

Everybody is looking for a good deal these days, and a lot of good deals are to be found online. However with the amount of scam artists and fake websites out there it is sometimes hard to tell if you are really going to get a good deal or if it is going to end up costing you more in the end. This list contains websites that I have shopped at and gotten a great deal at more than once. 

  1. Amazon

    Amazon is the largest online retailer for pretty much anything. You can buy your toliet paper in bulk as well as the latest Kenny Chesney cd. They pretty much sell everything you could want, and some things you didn't even know existed. You can choose to subscibe to get something you use often delivered weekly or monthly and save money that way. You can catch great deals every day, and you can choose to buy things like DVDS, CDS and electronics by independent sellers that are using Amazon as a platform and save money that way. Whichever way you choose to shop at Amazon you can always find a way to save money. 

  2. No More Rack

    No More Rack is a website that offeres great discounts and deals on various products in a multitude of categories such as womens, mens, childrens, electronics and home goods. The deals are only available on the website for a set amount of time before they change. Each day No More Rack will email you the days deals as well as an email that gets you free shipping for a few hours. Not every product they have on discount is brand name but I have seen Beats Headphones, HP Computers, Acer Android Tablets and many other big brand names on deep discounts while shopping there. 

  3. Zulily

    Zulily is another daily deal website. They are best known for the discounts they offer on super adorable and brand name baby and children's clothes, but they also offer books, toys, womens maternity clothes and household things as well. They don't have as much to offer as No More Rack but they are still a great website to find cute kids clothes, and adorable baby gifts at a great low price. 

This list is a collection of the three best websites for finding a great deal when shopping online. Amazon is the best for buying multiple things in different categories at one time. They have great deals everyday as well as independent sellers that help you save even more money. Make sure you look around for even deeper discounts whenever you are on these and other websites, sometimes they have discounted items that aren't advertised.