The Top 10 restaurants around Auburn.

Published: February 24, 2014

Auburn Alabama may be a small town, but that doesn’t mean it is small on flavor. With the university located in the middle of Auburn thousands of people flock to this small town. In order to satisfy all of the hungry people here, some fabulous restaurants have popped up to show what they can cook.

  1. Acre

    Acre is one of Auburn's newest restaurants. It has a very extensive menu with all local food used. They have a large wine list and offer samplings several times a week. If you are in the mood to try some unique modern soul food this is the place for you to come.

  2. Hamilton's on Magnolia

    Hamilton's is a great little intimate restaurant located in the heart of downtown Auburn. They are known as one of the nicer dining establishments in the community. Hamilton's regularly changes there menu with the season and is consistently creating new specials for their loyal customers to try. It is a bit on the expensive side but well worth it.

  3. Amsterdam Cafe'

    Amsterdam Cafe is a casual dining experience that serves some great quality food. This is a great place to take a date and try some of their delicious entrees. Amsterdam is known for being one of the top places to eat on campus; anyone you talk to would defiantly recommend it.

  4. Ariccia

    Is located in the Auburn Hotel. It is a great restaurant serving high-end Italian foods. They have an extensive wine list that is hard to beat. The workers at this restaurant are student's studying Hotel and Restaurant management so you know they will be very diligent and a hardworking staff.

  5. The Hound

    This is the man's bar. The Hound has a large selection of Bourbons and quality meats. They are known for the 3 B's Beef, Bacon, and Bourbon. They have an excellent staff and great food. Be sure to get here a little early they are known to have big waits. Also at night this restaurant becomes a lively bar.

  6. Ma Fia's Restorante and Pizzeria

    Ma Fia's is located in beautiful downtown Opelika and has quickly gained popularity. They have great Italian dishes and pizza as well as some delicious seafood. Ma Fia's gives you that authentic Italian vibe when you go into the restaurant you would think you just stepped off the plain in Italy.

  7. Zazu

    Zazu is a gastro pub offering unique eats. They have a great selection of odd sandwiches during the day. And during the evening they have delicious meals ranging from steak to quail. This place becomes a bar late at night as well and is a popular place for students to hangout.

  8. Mike and Ed's Barbeque

    Mike and Ed's is located buy the train tracks in Auburn. They serve some of the best Barbeque around. The Auburn Tigers are known to cater this to their players as well. That is a real testament as to how tasty this place is. They have great ribs and very reasonable prices.

  9. Price's Barbeque House

    The Barbeque house is an Auburn staple. Everyone goes here for their great barbeque on game days. But people in the know make an effort to go for breakfast. They have one of the cheapest tastiest breakfasts in all of Auburn. You are even known to spot an Auburn celebrity or too here every once in a while.

  10. Niffer's Place

    Niffer's is a cool local hangout that serves great burgers. They are known for their corn nuggets here. Niffer's is a quirky eater that is very popular in Auburn. Most students and residents would recommend this place for you to go for a easy casual meal. I would defiantly get a burger and fries.

The Auburn area has some great eats. The number one place to go would defiantly be Acre. It is new and tasty. It is clean and different. I would not miss it the next time you're in town. I hope these reviews helped you out in finding a place to eat next time you're here.