Best Soundtracks of 2013

Published: February 24, 2014

I love music of all kinds, Top 40, R&B, Pop, Country basically anything with a beat to it. Below are a few of what I think were the best Soundtracks of 2013. I often listen to the soundtracks without even seeing the movie, and in 2013 there were quite a few movies that I missed but hope to see real soon. 

  1. Pitch Perfect Soundtrack

    Pitch Perfect is another one of those Glee type movies starring the super funny Rebel Wilson.  The plot is your standard singing competition but for a cappella group. The soundtrack is a mixture of music from the 80's, recent top 40's and some originals made just for the movie itself. 

  2. American Hustle Soundtrack

    This movie has a great cast and is actually a real good movie but the soundtrack is even better. This soundtrack has some great songs from the 70's, disco days, Motown and even some Jazz music by Ella Fitzgerald. This is one of those CD's or playlist's you can start from the beginning and enjoy it to the very end. 


  3. Frozen (Disney Soundtrack)

    Frozen is yet another great movie put out by Disney. What I like about Disney and the movies they make is that they all are great movies to watch with your family and the soundtracks are also great for the whole family, especially when taking a long road trip. Frozen has a lot more songs on it's soundtrack than most but all the songs are pretty short.

So there you go my little list of what I feel were the top three best Soundtracks of 2013. Frozen which is a great CD to have in the car at all times if you have young ones, American Hustle if you grew up in the 50's, 60's and 70's or simply enjoy the music from those decades and Pitch Perfect your Glee style soundtrank.