Best Show's To Make You Laugh during Primetime

Published: February 23, 2014

This is a list I have put together of current primetime shows that will make you laugh. If you are needing a break from your eveyday life and need a little thirty minute break at night to escape from your world and laugh it up a little bit, try watching these shows. 

  1. The Middle

    This is a comedy television show that has been on for a few years now. It stars Patricia Heaton, who I have to admit I was impressed by how funny she is after seeing her on Everybody Loves Raymond for so many years. She plays the mother of three children, and the matriarch of a very dysfunctional family. It's a great show for mother's who feel hurried or like they don't get enough thanks for all they do for the families they head. 

  2. Last Man Standing

    This television show stars Nancy Travis and Tim Allen and as expected is the same brand of comedy that Tim brought to us with Home Improvment just updated for current times. It follows a family that has three daughters, and a grandson living under there roof. The stories and plot aren't anything to seductive, or surprising but it's a funny take on real life. 

  3. The Neighbors

    If you enjoy silly shows about families trying to adjust to life in a place they aren't really comfortable with then this show is for you. The Neighbors is about an alien family that has moved to suburbia. It follows there follies as they try to learn how to act human. 

  4. The Goldbergs

    This show is based on the creator's real life growing up in the eighties. The comedy is pretty good, and the show is hilariously done. It also has the big hair, acid wash jeans and crappy video game graphics that people who grew up in the eighties are often nostalgic about. It's a little underrated right now, but I think it will pick up more of a following the longer it stays on the air. It's worth checking out for sure. 

All of these shows are great if you are looking for some comedy but don't want to wait up for late night talk shows, or spend the time watching a stand up special. Last Man Standing is the best for the whole family to watch, and will provide laughs for just about everyone in the family.