The Ten Very Best Doll Types to Buy

Published: February 23, 2014

Dolls are a treasure to behold. You can save them as heirlooms, decorate with them, and, entertain little girls in your life with them. You can even entertain yourself with them by collecting clothing, furnishings, accessories for them and more dolls. Dolls can be miniatures or larger sizes and you can collect them all. Collecting dolls is not a bad hobby.

  1. Disney Monster High

    The Monster HIgh dolls by Mattel are at a high demand level at the moment. They are right in trend with movies like Twilight and Twilight 2 with special effects that children love to fantasize. There are several costumed characters in this collection of dolls and they are usually around $20 each with an outfit that complements their name. They have names like Jane Boolittle or Ellissabat.


  2. Baby Alive

    Baby Alive is by Hasbro and is a child's toy. It is a little price-y but isn't your child worth it. For $60 at select stores or on eBay she drinks, wets and talks up to thirty phrases to delight your little girl. She has darling curls and several accessories including diapers and drinking bottle. Children love characters that talk making this a good choice for a special gift. These dolls are for the 3-6 year old. They are available in caucasian and others.

  3. American Girl Dolls

    These particularly innovative dolls are collectibles. The historical dolls are already designed and have matching accessory kits. These retail for about $134, though mighty expensive they enjoy rave reviews. Another great choice from American Girl Dolls is the Girl of the Year Doll, at the moment that would be Isabelle. American Girl dolls are 18" dolls.


  4. Soft Dolls

    Soft dolls, sculpted dolls, rag dolls, whatever you call them are collectible, an oftentime rare treat. For onc example of a great modern take on a soft doll, witness the lalaloopsey dolls.

    Aren't they darling? Each one is $36 and for ages over four. An outrageously low price is being asked for a Fao rag doll, the one pictured below, at $12.99.


  5. Barbie and Friends

    The classic is still enjoyed by young girls, you can mix and match accessories with other 12" fashion dolls, too, if you choose a Barbie doll. Something is that the Ken doll has rooted hair! Super. These retail for from $15-$20 each. Barbie, plus, Midge, Ken and Skipper, Chelsae and Stacey dolls are available.

  6. Cute Vinyl Doll

    A cuddly and cute vinyl doll is a little girl's treasure. Playing mommy or big sister is a great way to spend hours of play time. Playing with talls develops creativity and other artistic skills, friendship skills and most likely communication skills as the child talks to and/for the doll. Here the cute vinyl doll is Brianna by Melissa and Doug brand.


    There is also Natalie.

  7. Magnetic Paper Dolls

    These are great, although you might have to look somewhere special for them. There are some on eBay. There are some at They cost in the range of $10-$20, so they are affordable. With this type of paper doll, there is no cutting, no tearing and no leftover trimmings from that cutting to deal with. These are for ages 3 and up.

  8. Miniature Costume Dolls

    Costumed dolls are collectibles. It makes no difference how small they are either, actually miniature dolls are a great choice so you can keep a large collection in even a tight space if you like. Doll artists create many of these dolls in every price range, although upper class artists usually start thier prices around $100 per doll. The first doll here is $100 and the second one is $300.

  9. Celebrity Dolls

    Different artisans create personality or celebrity dolls. These are usually a little expensive, but they are collectible, meaning that they go up in value over time. Sometimes, although you can find dolls like this for a lower price. At the art online art store there are dolls to introduce your child to famous painters and other artists at the price of $18.

  10. Life-like

    Many doll  exist that hire talented artisans for creating realilstic dolls. These are almost unbellievable to see. With hair and soft wrinkled skin, you will be surprised at how realistic they can be. These dolls are usually costumed exquisitely also. The cost usually starts around $80 to buy one of these dolls new.

Dolls are great toys, and, dolls are great decorating tools. When you use dolls for decorating you can create a serenity wherever you place them. There is something not only beautiful or cute about a doll but also sweet or simplistic and serene. There are a vast variety of dolls to choose from out there. Starting with a list might help narrow down your possibilities and aid you in choosing those that will be ideal for you as time goes by.