The 3 Best Kombucha Brands in New York

Published: February 23, 2014

This list is an evaluation of the current and available brands of kombucha fermented tea available to consumers in New York City.  I have created this list because, as kombucha grows im popularity, I have become passionate about the flavors and ingredients, as well as the approach to brewing.  I have tasted them all, and after a lot of money and research I feel I have a good voice to guide consumers.  Thanks a lot!



    Dramatic flavors, quality ingredients, smooth texture and a very satisfying feeling make this my absolute favorite local kombucha.

    BAO Fresh Kombucha is available in 7 flavors - original, berry, ginger, grape, mango, spice and super green

    Only 40 calories and 5 grams of sugar per 8 oz serving.

    BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA is brewed longer and is not bottle fermented. This results in a smoother, less effervescent beverage than the other kombuchas on the market.


    Kombucha Brooklyn has a rustic approach, with a giant culture in every bottle.   Although this may not be for everyone, it creates a sensation that is truly original.  I love this brand, although some flavors do not stand out on the market.

    Kombucha Brooklyn (KBBK) nourishes the body and mind with healthful and delicious probiotic tea.  Using recipes created in one of the most dynamic food-cultures in the world, we make this “health drink” a world-class beverage suitable for the most discerning palate.


    This brand has dynamic, unique flavors that really highlight what amazing tea can do for kombucha.  Although sometimes not as potent as the other brands on the list, this kombucha is satisfying and memorable.

    Founded in Astoria, NY in January 2010, Beyond Kombucha hand-crafts an artisan rendition of the increasingly popular, ancient fermented tea beverage, “kombucha“. The labor of love of a close community of friends, the company is committed to environmental and economic sustainability of this and all businesses as we move into a new era of social, physical, and spiritual well being.

After a lot of delicious and nourishing research, I feel that Bao Kombucha is simply the best New York City has to offer for kombucha.  I was immediately impressed with the strength, quality and flavor of the product.  It's very easy to get into a routine of buying the bigger kombucha brands, but I believe that New Yorkers owe it to themselves to try the local favorites.