Best Places in Portland to watch Timbers matches

Published: February 22, 2014

Timbers are already in their preseason, and the regular season starts up march 8th.  As the best pro sport ever, and certainly the best team in the MLS, with the most attractive coach ever, you're going to want to watch every single match.  Best case is to go to them, but if not, Portland bars have you covered. 

  1. The Bitter End

    Right across the street from the stadium (Providence Park) this has long been the official viewing party spot until it closed down for a bit.  It's back up and running, and ready to rain down green and gold come matchday.  It is very important you do not wear that ugly green/blue combo that Seattle sports, or you will 98% likely will get beat up.  I am serious about that.  

  2. McGillacuddys

    This is a more dive-bar type place on the outer East side, but it's a great set up for a sports bar, with a personal TV at every single booth and many large screen TVs plastered all around.  Plus they do a raffle every half time for free Timbers tickets and that is just great.  

  3. Brickhouse

    This place is out in Vancouver, but it stays kid-friendy until the end of the game.  MLS, and particularly the Timbers Army, tends to have quite a bit of cuss words and adult like behavior, but that doesn't stop it from being all the rage with little kids.  If you can't afford a babysitter for the evening, at least you can go here and watch the game, where I will not be, because I do not like your children. 

  4. Spirit of 77

    Inner NE sports bar with 1 HUGE projection screen.  It makes for a fun viewing party as it's set up a bit more like a movie theater and the whole crowd can get very into whatever they are watching.  It also has free ski bowl.  The drinks can be spendy though so get good and liquored up before you go, proper Timbers style. 

  5. Macadam Bar and Grill

    Honestly I have never been here because it's on the wrong side of the river, but I include it in case the asbestos-filled SW is your hood or where you find yourself after falling asleep on the bus.  They are an official bar partner, which means they televise every single game from start to finish, so although I can't speak to its bar qualities I can at least say you can see the action.  

Rose City Til I Die!  

Go Timbers. 

If you are just getting into the Timbers, here's all you need to know:  We used to suck very bady up until we got a new coach, Caleb Porter, last year, and now we are very good and it doesn't matter because all our fans are crazy and have been cheering for the team with enthusiasm for decades.  Also, we very much hate Seattle Sounders, and last year we beat them, so suck it!