The Best Swimsuits for Every Need

Published: February 22, 2014

You love the water, you want to swim, dive off a high board, ski, take a boat cruise and maybe lounge around a pool or sandy beach. Your swimsuit should be sensible, favorably styled and capable of allowing for a great tan with minimal tan lines. You want somethng that will stay on you and look ravishing. One piece of advice is to go to a store and experiment with styles. Don't limit yourself to one type or one fabric until you have tried the new trends on for size. The newer designs may be better and more flattering than ever while old standards may lack quality or may not fit as well as before.

  1. The Patriotic Suit

    This is not about a particular style but about a group of patterned styles that represent America (the United States) and its flag. If you are from another country you can go for the national colors of that country's flag also, or even if you want to embrace your ancestral country. American swim suit patterns are vivid, lively, slimming and flattering to almost any complexion there is whether you are black or white or anywhere in between. If you don't like to be so obvious as wearing this type of style on, say, the Fourth of July, you could wear a solid white or red or blue then, and, a flag or star pattern on other days.

    Something with a belt looks really a bit sophisticated additionally. The belt can be on the top or bottom of the suit for this effect. Usually you want a two piece to get some tan going, so, this is talking about a two piece or bikini style. 

  2. The Skirted Suit

    Bikinis are known for their youthful appeal and for their tanning potential. But, try some more styles, sometimes all that skin gets old and it is refreshing to cover a little more skin yet just as sexy. Adding a skirt to your bikini bottoms or the bra top is very becoming and stays together when frolicking in the water a little better. With a skirted piece to your suit, the fabric will fly away a bit and still get a little sun to that skin beneath it. Plus, nothing much is more darling. There are many skirted styles if you shop around that fill the bill.

  3. Full Cut Top

    The best thing you can do for yourself is make sure the rop of your suit is not too skimpy. If you want a tan for a deep cut neckline, set aside a space in private for removing your top. For swimming, picnics and barbecues you want plenty of coverage, even if you are small busted. A lot of string bikinis feature very skimpy cups, avoid this. You might have to avoid the string bikini entirely. That won't matter as a lot of styles cleverly look just a sexy due to strategic embelishments.

    Why do you want plenty of fabric for either type of figure? Firstly large women are much more comfortable with ample support. Secondly, the more average or petite woman will look more volumtuous in an ample style as it will appear to be more busty. There is something about the two parts of a two piece swimsuit that comes across like a larger bust if there is plenty of fabric at the chest somehow. This could be in the form of a crossover or twist bandeau or ruffles or a wide underbust support band.

    From Lands End



  4. Wider Waistbands

    Even heavy gals (or guys) can wear bikini briefs. Try the type with a wide or foldover waistband. This waistband will flatten the stomach. Fitting a suit to your tummy area may mean you need a size larger or smaller than usual. Don't let this dishearten you if it is bigger, just consider yourself shapely, after all this is more your hip than your stomach and you will look much slimmer if the suit lies flat that if your skin pours out the top of it. 



  5. Ruched Suits

    There's nothing that beats a little ruching to make a rich looking swimsuit fit for a goddess. Remember you can have more than one swimsuit, if you are afraid you will look dated with this type as your only swimsuit for the year ahead. Having more than one will let the suits span more than one season more easily also. Ruched swimsuits are sexy if you make sure to look for one that has an angle to it somehow, or a curve. A ruched suit can be too severe looking for most people if it is cut with too much straight edge.

Every style listed above can be worn by all sizes of women from demurely built to plus sized. The strategic styling really complments a woman's form in each of these choices. Sometimes the bold colors take the stage and minimize flaws while accentuating feminity and youth. Sometimes the fit and flare create the sveltness and the sex appeal that is still tasteful and not too revealilng. What could be sexier?