The Best Yoga Poses for Rejuvenation

Published: February 22, 2014

Yoga is relaxing, soul liberating and surprisingly good for you. One of the main components are the poses to hold and the breathing that is done alongside it is the other. There may be more you can delve into as far as awakening and so on, but, here we are keeping it simple so just about anyone can find the time to work some healthy yoga into their schedule.

  1. Downward Facing Dog

    The Downward Facing Dog can lead into the popular "plank" pose. The Downward Facing Dog is somewhat difficult to achieve compared to something like the various warrior poses but is not overly so. 

    Get on your hands and knees. Put your hands face down on the palms and with the toes of your feet and your hands raise your pelvis up by straightening your knees as much as possible. Next, if you can, which you will be able to at some point, slowly inchy your hands forward and your toes and feet backward until everything is stretching a bit further but your hips and but are still creatling an inverted 'V' shape. You can hold the Downward Facing Dog for one minute or as long as you are comfortable, the length of the hold is not overly important once you have achieve the pose and waited about a minute it is up to your own personal discretion.

  2. The Warrior II

    The Warrior II, if you are a calisthenics freak, will remind you a great deal of thigh lunges, that perhaps you were even instructed to do in gym class during your school days. The arm position is more defined with the pose although. You start by putting your feet flat on the floor about four feet apart, no less. You then turn your waist to the right and place one foot's toes so they point directly the same way as your eyes do with your body bent at the waist to  your right. Now, turn your other foot perpendicular to the first foot yet still at the four feet away distance. Raise both arms up until they are straight out from the shoulders and parallel form the floor while not moving your feet. With your right knee take care that it is bent at a 90° angle from the calf of your leg. Tighten your rear and hold in your stomach really tight. Breathe deeply using your nose at least five deep breaths. Switch legs and rotate your upper body and repeat on the opposite side.

  3. The Plank

    A lot has been said about the 'Plank.' It many be the only yoga pose you need to tone and oxygenize your body. It is great, as all yoga poses are. I, although would not limit myself to any one of these poses. They are simply too nice as to what they can do for the body, the internal organs and in turn even your skin.  

    Do a boy push-up and stay in the up place. Place your hands face down, balance on the toes of the feet and making sure your shoulders are directly over your wrists. Next, lower yourself so that your elbows take the place of your wrists and place your hands palms down straight ahead of the elbows that are now resting on the mat or the floor, while stretching your whole legs and body lengthwise. Hold the position a minute or two.

  4. The Tree Pose

    This may seem outrageiously easy, but it does the body good. Stand still on both feet that are flat to the floor. Raise your right foot and put the sole flat to the inside part of your left leg positioning from the calf to the mid thigh. It is considered beginners' or easy on the lower part of the leg below the knees and intermediatee to place your foot above the knees. you can bring your arms to a steeple above your head or place them in front of your heart in a prayer position and breathe deeply through your nose several times to complete this pose.

  5. The Boat Pose

    This is a fun pose. Get on the floor to sit with your legs straight out ahead of your hips and feet together. Keep your feet together and raise the legs up from the floor or ground simultaneiously. Hold your arms straight ahead of you parallel to the ground, also your calves should be parallel to the ground, to help keep your balance. Next you will slowly straighten your knees creating a 'V' shape with your body and being sure to keep the palms of your hands turned downward. Take several deep breaths through your nose and hold as long as you can. Repeat a few times if you like.


If is fairly easy and loads of fun to incorporate yoga into your fitness plan, and, the articles of clothing for yoga are terribly cute, such as yoga pants, yoga shorts, yoga tanks and many other things. Some complimentary jewelry might include power beads, if you remember those.