The Best Auto Repair in and Around Calvert City, KY

Published: February 22, 2014

Everyone is going to have to take care of their automobiles and finding a dependable auto repair shop is crucial, saving you a lot of headaches and possibly a lot of repeat visits to the shop. You need a trusted expert who can deliver a good job and who won't overcharge for the thing you are having done. 

  1. Custom Auto of Calvert City, KY

    In Calvert City, a favorite auto repair shop is Custom Auto. Very favorable reviews let this group of mechanics and auto body repair experts stand out in a crowd. Wheels, tires, brand name accessories, and, much more await you at Custom Auto. For those who want to do it themself you can purchase installation kits. The phone number is 1-270-395-7611.

  2. Larry Meadows Body Shop and Towing

    Larry Meadows offers repair as well as customization for your autos or other vehicles. You can also receive emergency road care from Larry Meadows, this can be life saving metmorphically saying. As a fully equipped towing and body shop service Larry Meadows can guarantee this kind of help when you really need help.

    Services here include frame straightening, essential when you have had a fairly bad accident and body painting along with a host of other services not all shops can accommodate. This qualified body shop repair company is found at 937 Jefferson St. in Paducah, just minutes from Calvert City.

  3. D & W Garage

    D & W Garage at 203 6th Ave. St. of Calvert City is popular for good prices without scrimping on quality. When you really dislike changing your own oil and cleaning your own engine you can leave it to D & W Garage. When inquiring for service you can call 270-395-5400 and speak to Wayne Duckette. Transmissions and mufflers can be repaired or replaced plus they can install engines, replace spark plug wires and service your ignition among many other automotive repair requests. If you need it done it is most likely doable at D & W Garage and Auto Repair Shop.


  4. Lee's Alignment and Exhaust Center

    Lee's Alignment and Exhaust Center is found in Calvert City in the northernmost area of Marshall County. Marshall County is a rather spacious county with Calvert, the local name for Calvert City, being one of the three main towns or cities. Lee's Alignment and Exhaust Center has for its address: 40 West 3rd Ave., Calvert City, and provides wheel alignment services first and foremost.

Being without a car is unmentionable for most people and when your car is in need of repair that means you are wihout or almost without an essential life staple. Knowing auto repair technicians with whom who can depend on makes all the difference.