The Best Guilty Pleasures

Published: February 22, 2014

  1. Facebook

    Sure, you may have something to do, but that can wait, right?  I mean, everyone's up to something and their interesting in what you're doing, right?  And even if you have a something to do, there's--oh, look, there's a picture of someone's house!  There's a news item that's going viral!  There's a cute cat!  

    Damn, wasn't there something I was supposed to do?  Oh maaannnnnn, now I feel terrible!


  2. Reddit

    If there's ever an excuse to waste time and feel terrible about, it's Reddit. With pictures and useless ideas being posted every minute, why would you go anywhere else?  I mean, if you're looking for the zeitgeist of the next hour, go to Reddit... and then feel really terrible about yourself.  Also, try not laugh out loud at the library...


  3. 80's Hair Metal

    I know what you're thinking... That's okay, close the window, shut the blinds, put on your headphones and start head banging.  Scream the words silently, play some air guitar, and declare your love for the songs that'll make your significant other groan.  That's also okay; the louder they groan, the better the song is.  Poison, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi.  Go ahead, we'll forgive you


  4. Alcohol

    You might have to study, you might have to run errands, you might have to go work.  Those things can wait if there's a succelent, tasty, frothy beverage whispering to you, "Go ahead, drink me..."  Later, you'll find that you'll need to GET STUFF DONE, but that can wait.  Go ahead.

    Of course, the next day you'll just feel TERRIBLE, but who cares!  This is the 21st century and we're all adults (at least, I hope!).


  5. Casual Sex

    There's nothing like a good lay, eh?  Especially from someone you just met.  And especially if they are attractive  And especially if they tell no one (and if they do, they better be bragging!).  Casual sex has a terrible stigma from all the other people who aren't getting any, but you know better, right?  

    Then again, you can't really post this one on Facebook, now can you?  Or, if you wake up, only to find Chewbacca sleeping next to you... you might feel, um, a bit nauseous.  What were you thinking?

As you can see, whatever doesn't benefit in the long-run surely benefits you in the short-term!  So, we here at the Internet say:  Crank up you browser, grab some headphones, pop a beer, crank the volume loud, and enjoy.  I mean, if you don't feel guilty, whatever you're doing is probably good for you.