The Best Companies When it Comes to Learning Foreign Languages

Published: February 22, 2014

When you want to acquire the skills required to master another language you need guidelines. Many companies offer courses on these languages and typically these courses come complete with audio recordings, printed manuals and a selection of usable hints such as how to ask specific questions or how to go out to a restaurant. Other companies may include online courses that follow a pattern of study much the same as those that are not available online. One more consideration is that many of the following language courses are perfect for home schooling, something more and more parents are doing today.

  1. Living Language

    This is a somewhat elaborate course often taught in high school or college. It may be a little difficult to pursue on your own, yet preseverence will pay off. The most common learning aids are in the book such as how to recognize the days of the week, how to recognize numbers and how to recognize common items you will need when you travel. Living Language has a beginners, an intermediate which has a more intense examination of the grammar involved in the language of your choosing and the final level or advanced.

    Living Language is available in fourteen languages including Hebrew, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, German, Japanes, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and Russian among others. There is also a free online language lab that allows you to practice by playing games and multiple choice questions.

  2. Onlingo

    Onlingo continues to offer a really good deal. For only $6.95 you can try out the course in a language of your choice. You can keep it for two weeks and then return two of the three discs that come with it, keeping one of them, which is helpful if you can't afford a lot at the moment as you can practice with real audio recordings and keep the phrase/useful words handbook. You can even record the discs on your own disc, which isn't as ideal but will work to a point. If you keep the whole package you have to pay around $69 per month. You should be certain to record the mailing address and the phone numbers in case you need to cancel. Your new level of learning package will be shipped to you each month and deducted from your bank balance or charge account if you don't cancel before the time is up. The customer care contact information for Onlingo is as follows: 

    Onlingo Customer Care 5300 Ontario Mills Parkway Unit 400 Ontario, CA. 91764 1 800 949-6880

    You can also purchase different sets of Onlingo on eBay that include 1 or more discs. The prices are as low as $5-$8 for two discs and tend to increase with the level of expertise, yet you can possibly get a collection of from 6-8 discs for $20 -$65 saving oodles of dollars off of the shipped each month price. Several languages are available. The most sought after in the US appearing to be German, Spanish, French and Italian.

  3. Duolingo

    Maybe you want a totally free, collaborated choice. Duolingo is just that, online you can choose from Italian, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. It promises to be college level and has in mind those communications you may come across when mingling with contacts from other cultures. Duolingo has apps available for you iPhone or Android as well.

  4. Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone is certainly a very intriguing name. This company offers you the chance to educate yourself for 5 payments of $65 each per course. You can choose Spanish, Italian, English, Mandarin Chinese, German or French, whichever you prefer. You can even choose exotic languages like Farsi, Swahili, Arabic or Vietnamese. All of these are the same cost to you. Rosetta Stone also offers a suite of apps for iPhone, iPad Touch, iOS devices, Androids and more. 

It comes in very handy to develop multi-cultural skills such as being equipped to recognize and speak one or more of the foreign languages. Almost anywhere, in every developed or developing country, more than one language dominates or at least is spoken not so infrequently by parts of the population. Whether you want to travel, be more familiar with all cultures surrounding where you already live, enjoy what is said in foreign films or become an expert on another language, there are viable choices within your grasp.