Top Five At-Home Remedies For Crushing Despair

Published: February 22, 2014

It's not always easy keeping in step with the world around us.  Sometimes you lose your job on your birthday or your kids won't talk to you or all of your house plants figure out that they can't be around you anymore because you drink too much & probably weren't that great to begin with.  We all have our things.  Sometimes these things happen all at once & even the thought of waking up & making a sandwhich is just too much to stomach.  So you don't.  For two weeks. 

Here are some tips I have for whenever you happen to find yourself...there.  In that place.

  1. Entertain Yourself

    Try turning to a favorite movie or television program.  Maybe listen to some music that you enjoy while eating some candy at the same time.  Video games.  Write.  Computer games.  Read.  Phone games.  Puzzle books that you stole from your grandma.  Anything that can help get your mind off of all of the nothing that you can't stop thinking about. 

  2. Try to Relax

    Often times when I am rapt in hopeless disrespair I find it very difficult to just be.  I don't want to go anywhere & I don't want to sit still & I can't move a muscle.  This probably sounds a lot like mental.  It probably is.  Call a doctor.  Go to a free clinic.  Get some Ativan.  Take a nap.


    I really can't recommend this one enough.  Write about the things you used to hope for back when you had some left...your favorite places you used to go or your top ten favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes.  Nobody loses all hope in cookie recipes because nobody cares about them to begin with.  Always there for you!

  4. Write a Letter to a Celebrity

    If you have any loved ones or therapists that are speaking to you in real life, perhaps they could be yourtarget audience.  Maybe they'll even reply to your emial or return your voicemail.  If you're anything like myself, I really wouldn't count on that.  Decorate a nice blank piece of computer paper with some personal doodles & send some fan mail to a beloved popular icon! 

  5. It's Gonna Be 9-0-2-1-0K

    One other thing that I like to do when trying to overcome despair is reflect back on positive ideas that I have encountered in my lifetime.  I most typically find myself thinking about this thing that Jennie Garth once said in people magazine.  She said..more or less.."Just remind yourself that what ever you are feeling, it is going to pass.  In the moment it seems like it will never happen & you are going to feel awful forever.  It isn't true.  Fifteen minutes go by & I find myself making lunch or talking on the phone & I realize, it isn't so bad.  Just be constantly reminding yourself of that always."  Right on, JG.

So you see.  The next time you find yourself stuck in bed...crushed by bleeding hopelessness...just try out one of the above.  Perhaps you could also try checking out the website or attempting some simple breathing techniques:  My uncle gave me Dr. Weil's book & breathing kit when I had a panic attack in his car & had to go to the ER.  I didn't read it, but I thought it was a very touching gesture.  Good luck to all of you.