The Best Buffalo Wings on the Upper East Side

Published: February 22, 2014

One of those things where the only thing you want is to feel delicious hot sauce and tender chicken hitting your tongue? me, is that every night?  Here are the best places I've found so far on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  Never have a lonely wingless night again.

  1. International Wings Factory

    Two words: scrumptious sauces.  International Wings Factory has just about every sauce you could ever want, drawing from a variety of traditions.  My favorite are the Vegan Soy Nuggets with the Vietnamese Chile Mango sauce. Amazing! I also love the Boneless Wings with the Caribbean Coastal Sauce, which is an amazing blend of Hawaiian Fruits and Carribbean Jerk.  Absolutely Delicious!  Be careful though, some of the sauces are incredibly hot.  Great way to heat up a cold winter night.


  2. Manny’s on Second

    These wings are simple. But that's the best thing about them.  Perfect blend of crispiness and sauciness. Everyone here is super friendly, so it feels like you're walking into your own personal Cheer's-like wing heaven! They also have a decent beer collection. Another highlight is their waffle friends.  All in all, it hits all the high notes to deliver a fantastic wings experience.



  3. Rathbones Restaurant

    Rathbones Restaurant doesn't focus on just wings.  They also have a pretty decent sized menu offering all kinds of other bar-style goodies.  It's friendly places like this that are really making the Upper East Side into something fresh, younger, and new.  Yet, it is still comfortable and under-stated.  What am I talking about though, this is about the wings!! They are incredibly reasonably priced, nice and juicy, and come with quick, great service.

I have to admit, I don't often go beyond International Wings Factory. There is just so much fantastic variety at that place.  They also offer super fast deliver with friendly delivery guys.  At its heart, International Wings Factory is a family-owned, local business, and it shows. I've hung out there with the owner, his wife, and their adorable daughter.  We discussed our love of cats!  And that's one of the reasons why living in Manhattan is so cool, the warmth and life that fills every corner of this crazy city.