Best Pizza in Berkeley, CA

Published: November 12, 2013

Pizza in Berkeley is as diverse as the residents with something for any type of pizza craving.  You can find a wide variety of pizza styles from New York thin crust to Chicago Deep Dish.  The ingredients range from the expected to the exotic.

  1. Cheeseboard Pizza

    Cheeseboard bakes a different pizza everyday and is unique in not having a base of tomatoe sauce under the cheese layer.  The pizzas usually have ingredients you don't expect to be so yummy on a pizza like roasted potatoes, corn, and kale.  It is a worker-owned collective and normally the line runs down the street for half a block.  But don't worry, the line moves very fast.

  2. Zachary's Pizza

    Zachary's has thin crust pizzas, but is best known for it's Chicago Style Deep Dish pizzas.  They have the tastiest chunky tomato sauce covering the baked cheese with your favorite ingredients.  You can also get a half-baked pizza to heat at home at your convenience.

  3. Arinell Pizza

    Arinell's serves New York style pizza with a thick crust neopolitan style or a thin crust.  I normally love toppings on my pizza but their regular thin crust cheese slices are so perfect, you don't need to add any toppings.

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  4. Bobbie G's Pizzeria

    Bobbie G's Pizzeria is a great place for gourmet pizza made with the freshest of ingredients.  Their pan fried pizza is the tastiest.  If you are eating gluten free foods, this is the place to go for the best gluten free crust.

  5. Lanesplitter

    Lanesplitter dubs its pizza as being East Coast style pizza for people in the East Bay.  Their thin crust pizza has a nice crispy crust and is the best price in town.  They have especially good lunch and late night specials.

It would be hard to pick which pizza is number one because they are all so very different and excellent in their own way.  You could try a different pizza place every day of the week without feeling like you are eating the same thing every night because they are all so unique.