The 10 Best Sports Rivalries

Published: December 8, 2013

Most every professional sports team has a rival they just can't stand.  If you're a fan of a sports team, then you know exactly who you're rival is.  Some rivalries stick out more so than others.  Let's take a look at 10 of the very best rivalries in all of sports.

  1. Yankees vs. Red Sox

    As if there is any debate about what rivalry tops this list.  Yankee fans and Red Sox fans have been bitter rivals for quite some time.  This heated rivalry shows no signs of slowing anytime soon, as the Sox are the current World Series champions.

  2. Duke vs. North Carolina

    Like the Yanks and Red Sox above, these two teams rivalry is stregthened by the fact that they are two of the best teams in their conference.  These collegiate basketball teams throw it all on the line.  It probably doesn't help that the two campuses are very close to each, kindling the fire.

  3. Lakers vs Celtics

    A rivalry that began in the late '40s and is still strong today, the Lakers and Celtics stand high amongst NBA teams.  Two of the most storied francishes in basketball, neither of these teams  wants to see the other one win. 

  4. Packers vs. Bears

    It hasn't played up as much in recent years, but this rivalry is one for the record books.  These two titans of the NFC North despise each other, and have done so for quite some time.  The Bears currently have a 5 game lead all time in the rivalry.

  5. Giants vs. Dodgers

    This rivalry must be meant to be, as the rivalry started in New York, and then came West to California when both teams moved.  Two of the NL West's best teams feature here.  This rivalry is very intense, maybe to a fault, as recently there's been a rash of beatings and deaths involving fans of these teams

  6. Auburn vs. Alabama

    These two collegiate football teams routinely square off in the Iron Bowl.  One of college footballs most heated rivalries got a little more heated this year, as an Auburn player returned a missed field goal 109 yards en route to a 34-28 win.  

  7. Seahawks vs. 49ers

    One of the newest rivalries in the NFL deserves a place on here for it's ferocity.  While it may be new, there's no love lost between these two teams.  The 49ers have history on their side with 5 Super Bowl wins, but the Seahawks have a packed team loaded with talent.

  8. Michigan vs Ohio State

    This would probably be up above Auburn and Alabama were it not for the Iron Bowl.  Numerous media outlets have ranked this collegiate football rivalry as the best in all of sports.  Hard to argue with that.  The matchups between these two are so anticipated, they are referred to as "The Game."

  9. Colts vs. Patriots

    Another NFL rivalry makes the list.  This rivalry has really only blossomed in recent years, as these two teams have routinely taken turns as the best of the AFC.  Over the last decade or so, these two have been the cream of the crop, and everytime they play each other, they let them know.

  10. Cowboys vs. Redskins

    I've always wondered how much of this rivalry has to do with the football teams themselves, or rather the names.  Sports Illustrated called this the best rivalry in the NFL, and while I don't quite agree with that, I will say it's up there.  A few years back this would've been much higher up the list. 

And there we have it.  There are 10 of the very best, and heated rivalries in sports today.  Surely I missed some, as there's so many good rivalries in each and every sport.  Hopefully you enjoyed this list, and maybe even learned a thing or two.  When it comes to rivalries nothing beats Yanks-BoSox, though.