Top 10 Video Games Franchises of All Time

Published: December 7, 2013

From the hayday of classic arcade games to the powerhouse of modern video game systems, we look at the top 10 Video Game Franchises of all time. How do you figure out which game is better? No doubt every franchise has thrown out a clunker. But what makes a truly great franchise is it's ability to persevere. So we analyze each franchise from their ability to innovate, their lasting impact, and just how fun they actually are.

  1. Super Mario


    No true game list can begin without the plumber. The Mario franchise is as iconic and forever tied with the concept of Video Games. No matter what type of gamer you are; PC vs Console, Xbox vs Playstation, Mario is universally known throughout. He brings a sense of nostalgia, as almost everyone has grown up trying to save the princess from an overgrown dinosaur.

  2. Final Fantasy


    The Final Fantasy series has redefined the RPG genre. Classics such as Final Fantasy VII, IX, X have all been beloved by fans. What makes the game series great is it's ability to innovate. With every new iteration, expanding on the lore and gameplay of past, it easily enters everyones top 10 list.

  3. Legend of Zelda


    Almost as old as the Super Mario series, the Legend of Zelda brings forth the adventures of Link as he faces the forces of evil to resuce Zelda and bring peace to Hyrule. Zelda clearly set the stone for many action/adventure games with its groundbreaking puzzles and adventure. It also holds the title, recgonized by many, as the greatest game ever made, The Ocarina of Time.

  4. Tomb Raider


    Yes, Tomb Raider at number 4. Everyone knows the iconic Lara Croft from either the games or the movies. But in recent years, the lore of her action world has simmered down. So why so high? Lara Croft still remains as the premiere female character in almost all video games, and is known for breaking gender barriers. Her newest reiteration also, looks promising, and reminds us to never count out Lara.

  5. Metal Gear Solid


    The Metal Gear series known for its expansive story, almost movie like directions, and amazing gameplay provides for one of the best franchises in the last 2 decades. Singlehandly inventing a new genre of gameplay, "sneaking," Metal Gear has a loyal fanbase who eagerly awaits their next chance to play as the iconic, Snake.

  6. Halo


    Xbox fans were probably wondering when Master Chief would finally make his name on this list. The Halo series provides some of the greatest gameplay and innovative multiplayer experience for any shooter. From the groundbreaking first series on the original Xbox to it's latest model each game provides a new experience, and is an instant classic.

  7. Half Life


    Gordon Freeman's battle for freedom against the Combine, provides some of the most intense and ground breaking gameplay in modern games. The PC exclusive, Half Life 2 is reagraded as the best game on PC. Without its innovation classics like Call of Duty, and Halo may not have been as great. It makes fans eager for the next update to the series.

  8. Call of Duty


    No matter how much you joke about the series, Call of Duty is still one of the best shooting games created. The lackluster effort in the latest games may be a deterent to some, but it still provides some of the best gameplay and multiplayer play for any shooting game.

  9. Street Fighter


    Iconic, huge fanbase, perfect party game what else can you say. Street Fighter is one of the best fighting games to have been made. It's gameplay is as deep as any RPG, and with its iconic characters you never get bored.

  10. StarCraft


    Okay for the final entry, we see Blizzard's classic Starcraft. What makes Starcraft enter the fray isn't so much innovation. It was a classic game for its time, but other such as Diablo and Command and Conquer provided similar game play. What StarCarft still has is global appeal. The game is a televised sport in Korea! You can't beat that staying power.

Their have many many good franchises over the last 20 odd years in video game history. And many others can easily enter the discussion, but these 10 provide many traits that most franchises just do not. From immpresive gamplay, to a great story, or an iconic plumber, you won't find better games.