Top 10 Internet Security Suites in 2013

Published: December 7, 2013

Protecting your computer from the internet is a must in this day and age. When even the large companies like google and yahoo are getting hacked and exploited, the regular user needs to be more vigilant in protecting their information and their systems from the dangers of having an online presence. This list presents the most popular and effective software options for securing yourself on the internet. 

  1. Norton Internet Security 2014/Norton 360 (2014)

    Norton has come a long way from the ubiquitous security software that just didn't seem to get it right. The interface is attractive and the security performance is rated highly by independent labs. There doesn't seem to be a noticeable performance impact on the host system. The software includes additional features besides a firewall and antivirus. There are parental controls, browser safety as well as identity protection features, among others. The anti-phishing feature of Norton internet security is perhaps the best. Activation is simple and there is a cloud feature which allows monitoring newly developing threats in the wild. Norton Internet Security can be had for as low as $60 on Newegg.

  2. Kaspersky Internet Security (2014)

    Kaspersky scored very well in anti-malware tests carried out by independent labs. The firewall is set by default to intelligently screen network traffic and thus doesn't harass users. Notable features include a safe-money feature for online transaction protection, good parental controls, accurate anti-phishing and spam protection. The software can be had from Kaspersky at $60/year with additional options available.


  3. Bitdefender Internet Security (2014)

    Bitdefender includes an autopilot feature to lift some burden off the user. The software scores very well in independent lab tests and includes top quality performance with the typical features of a security suite. The anti-phishing, secure browser, password monitoring, parental controls and social media monitoring are all very good. Bitdefender is available for 1 PC at $50/year with more options available.

  4. Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus (2014)

    Even though it does not score as highly as some of the previously mentioned suites, Webroot still offers very good malware removal and scores accordingly in independent tests. It offers a lot of features typical of security suites as well as a fast install that scans during the process and resistance to termination of the Webroot process. It also offers remote control technical support. Webroot SecurityAnywhere is currently available for $45. 

  5. Comodo Internet Security Complete 6

    Comodo offers unique features such as a virus free guarantee promising reimbursement if malware gets past the software. They also offer 24/7 remote technical assistance in which their technicians remotely repair issues with your system. Combined with online backup services, sandboxing, Wi-Fi encryption and quality firewall and antiivirus protection, these make Comodo a worthy consideration. The complete version is available for $90 from Comodo. There are other options including their Comodo Internet Security Pro 6 at $40 and the free Comodo Internet Security. 


  6. McAfee Internet Security 2014

    McAfee includes SiteAdvisor for safe browsing, Mozy-powered backup. Shredder, remote management, vulnerability scanner, System Tune-up, smart firewall and an accurate spam filter. It scores well on malware tests with an overall score of 4.0 from PCMag. McAfee is currently available for $56 directly from the company website.


  7. ESET Smart Security 7 (2014)

    ESET Smart Security scores consistently well in independent security tests, although not at the top. The software offers the typical security features but includes anti-theft to aid recovery of lost or stolen PCs. Activation is a simple process involving logging into your account with the company. The software can be found for $60 (1 year) or $90 (2 years) directly from ESET.




  8. AVG Internet Security 2014


    AVG includes accurate spam filtering, a smart firewall as well as data encryption and secure deletion features. It may prove difficult to install the software on systems already infested with malware but testing shows very good performance in malware protection and removal. The software is available from AVG for $55/year with additional options available.

  9. F-Secure Internet Security 2014

    F-secure offers a potent antivirus which pushes it into this top 10. In this regard it scores very highly. It has a low impact on the host system and offers additional features such as Facebook protection, browser safety, secure online banking, child protection and cloud based protection. F-secure is available from the company website for $80 with a lifetime license. A single PC single year license may be had for $40. 

  10. ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

    ZoneAlarm offers quality firewall protection as well as the most complete parental control features. It also features identity protection, antivirus and spyware scanning, Do Not Track button among other things. Zonealarm is currently available for $45 with a 1 year license. This software may be slow in becoming up to date as the parental controls seem not to be windows 8 compatible as yet.

You are unlikely to go wrong with the top 5 security suites in this list. The lower ranked suites may offer compromises here and there but will ultimately be sufficient for the average user. Norton Internet Security, McAfee Internet Security 2014, F-Secure Internet Security 2014, Comodo Internet Security Complete 6 and Kaspersky Internet Security are all known to be windows 8.1 compatible. Others may be as well. F-secure is the only option for which I noticed a lifetime license option. This is desirable as a major turn off from buying some software is the fact that it eventually expires.