The Best Companions in the New Doctor Who

Published: December 7, 2013

The new Doctor Who, which began with the Ninth Doctor in 2005, has seen a great group of companions join the Doctor on his time related adventures. This list ranks each of the notable new companions, as well as the best episode that they're featured in. As always, many spoilers will abound.

  1. Martha Jones

    If you're wondering where you've seen Martha Jones before prior to her becoming the second companion in the new Doctor Who universe, Freema Agyeman plays a worker at Torchwood that is turned into a Cyberman in the Series 2 finale. Martha Jones is a fine companion- she's smart, quick on her feet, and understanding. I don't like that she was in love with David Tennant's Doctor, which lands her at the bottom of the list of companions. It's stiff competition out there.

    Best Episode: The Family of Blood

  2. Rose Tyler

    Rose Tyler was the first companion to join the new Doctor. She's generally a good companion, although sometimes her poor decisions have dire consequences. The Bad Wolf story arc centered on her is one of the best story arcs in the new Doctor Who series. Her departure from the show is a sad one, and her return in Series 4 gives that season a great story arc throughout the Series 4 episodes.

    Best Episodes: The Parting of the Ways, Doomsday

  3. Clara Oswin Oswald

    Clara Oswin Oswald is a bright young companion that adds a lot of life to the Doctor Who universe. Unsurprisingly, she is deeply entwined with the Doctor's history, and it's clear that the Eleventh Doctor cares for her very much. Her character suffers from being relatively new to the show, but it's possible that she could rank among some of the best companions in Doctor Who history.

    Best Episode: The Rings of Akhaten

  4. Donna Noble

    Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate, is absolutely hilarious as the Tenth Doctor's third companion. It's great to see her return to the Doctor Who universe after she was featured in a special prior to the third series. Her wit clashed brilliantly with David Tennant's personality, and she was a fitting companion for the Tenth Doctor's final season.

    Best Episode: Turn Left

  5. Amy and Rory Pond

    Amy and Rory Pond are, by far, the best companions in the new Doctor Who series. They brilliantly lit up Series 5 and 6, and their departure early in Series 7 is a heartbreaking one. Amy Pond's wit had great synergy with Rory's bumbling demeanor. All of the episodes with the Ponds are a lot of fun to watch, and it is very sad to see them go.

    Best Episode: The God Complex

Overall, the new Doctor Who has been absolutely fun to watch. The companions definitely have their part in making the show a resounding success. My favorite companions on this list are Amy and Rory Pond, although I'm very partial to Donna Noble as well. I highly suggest the reader delve into the Doctor Who universe and enjoy each companion's role in the Doctor Who universe.