The Top Overrated Movies on IMDb's Top 250

Published: December 7, 2013

Movies have been a great connecting factor in many different types of relationships. A family can gather around and watch an epic movie about an underdog that needs to drop a piece of jewelry into a volcano. A couple can go out on a date and watch a movie about a rich man that dresses up in military grade armor and fights a criminal with a burlap sack for a disguise. However, this best of list will cover some of the most absolutely overrated movies around. Each of these movies has a spot on IMDb's top 250 movies as voted by regular IMDb users.

  1. The Dark Knight - Rank 6

    Yes, The Dark Knight is an absolutely overrated movie. It's also a good movie, with stunning action sequences and a great plot. But it's definitely not the number 6 movie of all time, by a long shot. Batman Begins, which is surprisingly ranked 107, is the best movie in the Dark Knight trilogy. I  consider every movie on the top 10 as required material to be considered a literate movie watcher. There's no discounting the quality of The Dark Knight, but you don't need to watch it to be a literate movie watcher.

  2. It's a Wonderful Life - Rank 27

    It's a Wonderful Life is the Christmas movie for families to get together and watch every year. It's also a dreadfully slow movie where not a whole lot happens. I do credit the movie for being probably the best Christmas movie around. However, I don't think the fact that it's the best movie in a very specific genre should warrant it a spot in the top 50. You can watch it once, and then never have to watch it again.

  3. The Bourne Ultimatum - Rank 192

    The Bourne Ultimatum was a hard movie to watch. Literally, this movie was a difficult one to watch. Between the camera that would never stay steady and the constant action, the average watcher will develop mild headaches after watching this movie. I think that The Bourne Identity is the best in the series, and that the Bourne Ultimatum should drop off of the top 250.

  4. Requiem for a Dream - Rank 76

    I must have absolutely missed the memo on how to enjoy this movie. Yes, I believe that it is a good movie with a haunting motif about the use of drugs. Aside from that I think that a lot of the film was superfluous. The stories that followed each of the characters were shallow, had predictable endings, and although you'll connect with the characters, it's a hard movie to watch.

  5. WALL-E - Rank 61

    It's amazing that Wall-E is ranked the highest among all Pixar movies. It's also a pretty hefty travesty. The movie is longer than it needs to be, has a very shallow storyline, and is basically An Inconvenient Truth for kids. I felt that the obvious critique of big business and convenience was unnecessary and the movie was difficult to watch without nodding off.

I believe that the internet community has made some grave errors when choosing movies to put on the top 250 of IMDb. The top item on this list is the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is a fantastic movie that you can watch many times. It's just not the number 6 movie of all time, and has no business occupying that spot over other movies that deserve recognition in the top 10.