Top 3rd Basemen in the American League Central

Published: December 6, 2013

The top position for American League Central third basemen is up for grabs now that Miguel Cabrera has vacated the third base spot for his team. However, this is still a great group of third basemen that can add value to any fantasy baseball owner's team.

  1. Nick Castellanos - Detroit Tigers

    Nick Castellanos will presumably be entering the Opening Day lineup as the starting third basemen for the Detroit Tigers. It's a hefty role to fill, and Castellanos is known for having a mediocre glove. That being said, there's a lot of appeal surrounding this rookie. Among the American League Central third basemen, Castellanos will be one of the best picks. He will probably hit behind seasoned veterans Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez.

  2. Trevor Plouffe - Minnesota Twins

    Trevor Plouffe entered the 2013 season projected to be a powerful bat in an otherwise weak Twins lineup. However, Plouffe had disappointing second half numbers, ending with a .254 average and 14 home runs with 52 runs batted in. Hopefully in a lineup protected by Twins star Joe Mauer, Plouffe can find his own power swing and add value to a fantasy lineup.

  3. Mike Moustakas - Kansas City Royals

    Mike Moustakas started the 2013 with dismal numbers. He ended on a slightly high note, with a .233 average and 12 home runs in 472 plate appearances. If Moustakas wants to add value to his team, he'll need to find more consistency at the plate. The Royals are on the verge of being a team with playoff expectations- but they'll need everyone to contribute.

  4. Lonnie Chisenhall - Cleveland Indians

    Lonnie Chisenhall compiled a .225 average with 11 home runs and 36 runs batted in. They're not pretty numbers, but Chisenhall has absolutely dominated Minor League pitching, so there's nowhere else for Chisenhall to go. The Indians hope that Chisenhall can get comfortable in the 3rd base slot, and so will fantasy owners that pick up his services.

  5. Conor Gillaspie - Chicago White Sox

    Conor Gillaspie had a decidedly forgettable rookie season, hitting .245 with 13 home runs and 40 runs batted in. Gillaspie had a low .695 on base plus slugging percentage, and overall needs to find a consistent approach at the plate to add value to his team.

Now that Miguel Cabrera has vacated the third base position for the Detroit Tigers, the quality of American League Central is decidedly mixed. Look for Castellanos to perform the best of the third basemen on this list, under the tutelage of Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez.