Five Best Easy But Interesting Manicures

Published: December 6, 2013

This is all about doing your nails in a decorative manner,nail art supplies and color. Your nails can make an expression about you or they simply match your outfit. Also, nails can point to a holiday occasion, a favorite sports team or other things that you have convictions about such as a political race or a country you originate from.

  1. Geometric

    To create simple geometric designs you only need some painters tape, scissors, a straight edge and some nail striping tape to create a multitude of looks. You don't need all of these every time you create a design for the most part either. You can see below the square corner image within the nail art design. Achieve this by cutting a square of the thick tape into an exact square such as if your tape is 1.5" wide the square should be 1.5" x 1.5" so you will get this even. First you apply a base coat. Let it dry. Add the corner of the tape wedged atop the nail on the tip or at the moon of your nail bed, center it and press lightly so it won't shift. Paint the second color over the first color as the tape will block the area it is over and leave the design. You can make one chevron or several drying well in between each taping.


  2. French

    A French manicure is exquisite. It gives a polished and clean look to your nails. It is also excellent for increasing how long your nails appear to be, in other words, it adds length. The traditional French manicure uses a nude base over the entire nail and then a narrow white tip across the very ends of your nails at the tips. It is also quite an easy look to execute on your own. A French manicure kit will include two polishes, one of them white, and a clear top coat plus nail tip guides that you stick on. You can also use transparent tape like you use to wrap gifts as when you wrap it over the nail it will curve slightly to go with the curve of the nail, just like with the nail guides in a kit, dry the base coat thoroughly first.

  3. Glitter

    The easiest glitter manicures use a nail lacquer with the glitter already in the polish, especially currently when many commonly poplar cosmetic manufacturers have a large choice of glitter polish, companies lik Maybelline, Revlon and NYX. You can also add glitter to a wet base coat of polish. You can use any color you like yet some are more outstanding than others. It is very popular to add the glitter to black, hot pink and white or beige. A nail art specialist will suggest you match your polish to the glitter you will be using. So if you were doing a silver glitter to your nails you would use a light gray shade as below.

  4. Peel and Stick

    Sally Hansen, the epitome of nail hardener solutions has paved the way for press on nail polish as well. Stunning graphics can be simple cut to fit and pressed onto your nails. No drying time necessary. These remove with nail polish remover. These are the Girl Flower, Love Letters and Kitty Kitty Nail Strips below.

    Are they not gorgeous?

  5. Simple Mozart Nail Art

    There are many ideas for nail art that you can recreate for yourself with only amateur artistic skills. You might create crosses, stripes, Christmas trees, stars and other items with a nail art brush kit. At only about $10-$15 for a kit you can save hundreds of dollars overr a professional nail-art maniucure for certain.


You don't need to have long nails to do the manicures stated here. Many patterns create an illusion of length while others look quite cunning on a short nail canvas. The easiest and most creative nails here are the Chevron designed nails as you can create your own individualized color scheme easily and you can quickly achieve a nail art that has a complex appearance. The runner up are the press on nail polish designs, the drawback is the $10 price tag for just one manicure a a couple of touch-ups if those get mussed up.