Top Overrated Board Games

Published: December 6, 2013

There are many board games in the market today. Some games get less attention than they deserve. Some games get a lot more attention than they deserve. This list will cover some of the very top overrated board games. These are all games within the top 200 on the Board Game Geek website.

  1. The Settlers of Catan (And any iteration thereof) - Rank 111

    The Settlers of Catan came out in 1995. People still recommend it today as the top, all around game to try if you're looking to get into the board gaming scene. Really? A game that's been around for 15 plus years gets more recognition than European style board games that far outclass Settlers in terms of enjoyment, replay value, and overall gameplay? I don't buy it, and neither should you.

  2. Dominion - Rank 17

    It's kind of funny that I have Dominion on this list because I definitely enjoy playing the game. However, I think that there are better deckbuilding games available, and there are definitely more than a handful of games better than Dominion. The first three or four turns are absolutely as predetermined as a Protoss player dropping at pylon at 9 supply. I'm not saying Dominion is a bad game, but it's definitely an overrated one.

  3. Zombicide - Rank 114

    Zombicide has been widely hailed as the zombie game done right. However, I think the zombie game genre has been overdone and tired since Resident Evil. Zombicide takes simple mechanics and adds zombies to the game. Essentially my biggest beef with the game is that it sort of slaps on a zombie theme that could have easily been interchanged with aliens, pirates, or any other type of villainous entity. Additionally, if I'm playing a game that goes for about 80-100 dollars, please don't punish me in the rules because I didn't fund your Kickstarter. It's frankly very shallow. If you want to enjoy this game, put Sharpie through all of the horrible rules that punish you for running out of zombie miniatures.

  4. Android Netrunner - Rank 5

    Again, don't get me wrong. I really love Android: Netrunner, but for it to be ranked fifth among all board games is pretty outlandish. The fact that the game is ranked 5th with half as many votes as any one of the games above it should be indication enough that the numbers are, at the least, a little bit inflated. The biggest problem I have with Netrunner is that in order to play competitively, since there's currently no limited format in tournaments, you'd be the most likely to win if you spent around 200 dollars to purchase all of the expansions and data packs. I'm not saying you have to buy all of those packs to win, but it'll definitely increase your chances.

  5. Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) - Rank 32

    I think Descent: Journeys in the Dark is an enjoyable game. However, I think the game is very easily skewed toward the dungeon master's side. Most games will run your group at least a few hours, and the evil lord is the most likely to win. If you actually want to have a good dungeon related experience with miniatures, just role-play with miniatures and printed maps.

Most of the games on this list, I find at least somewhat enjoyable. At the top of this list however, Settlers of Catan is a game that I have never enjoyed that receives an impressive amount of love considering how overrated it is. I believe that there are better games out there- but I also highly encourage the reader to make their own decisions.