The Best Indianapolis Painters

Published: December 6, 2013

This is a list of painters in Indianapolis. All are great Indianapolis painters but only one can be the best. We formed this list based on the value that these painting contractors can offer to its clients. Therefore, you will not find a painter that charges too much for their painting services, nor will you find contractors that dont charge enough to perform the paint job that you expect with quality paints.

  1. Grants Painting

    Grants Painting is our choice for #1 Indianapolis painter. Grants Painting has many high quality reviews indicating that they provide a great deal of value to their painting customers. Grants Painting also runs a free how to blog for the DIY'er. Grant Barnard is the owner and also runs the painting crew. You can find Grants Painting at

  2. Puckett Painting

    Puckett painting has an A rating with the BBB and also some great reviews too. You can find Puckett Painting at

  3. Mister Painter

    Mister Painter is our choice for an Indianapolis Commercial Painter. You can find Mister Painter at Although they provide residental painting, they specialize in commercial painting allowing them to provide the best value in their field.

The conclusion is that you want the best Indianapolis Painter that can give you a fair price and still provide the service with the best choice of materials and best practices. We have made the choice of Grants Painting because the owner is on site and making sure of high craftsmanship.