The Best Places to Visit in Wisconsin

Published: December 6, 2013

This list has the best 10 places to visit in Wisconsin. One might not think that Wisconsin is a very exciting place, but actually there are quite a few tourist attractions. It's quite possibly the funnest place in the mid-west, so if you ever find yourself in Wisconsin, keep this list handy!

  1. The Wisconsin Dells

    The Wisconsin Dells is Wisconsin's biggest attraction. It is a city with hotels, motels, water parks, resturaunts, historical sites, nature sites, boat rides, beautiful scenery, and a huge array of shops that take up several blocks. There is truly something for everyone. As far as vacations go, you can't go wrong.

  2. Door County

    Door County is another major attraction in Wisconsin, especially for those that like the beautiful, scenic side of things. There are state parks, lighthouses, over 50 beaches, plenty of places to dine and shop, and lots of neat places to stay. If you're in northeastern Wisconsin, stop in Door County for a little bit of beauty.

  3. Green Bay

    Green Bay is home to Lambeau field - home of the Packers! You won't find anymore serious football fans than these ones! Spend some time, see the sites, and enjoy a game! There's plenty of places to dine and shop, and the thrill of the game won't disappoint.

  4. Madison

    Madison is Wisconsin's state capital. It's sometimes referred to as the Berkeley of the midwest, and with how progressive Madison is, that's a fair statement. If you're ever in the area, visit the capital and take in the beautiful capital building along with the spirit of Democracy!

  5. Milwaukee Public Museum

    The Milwaukee Public Museum is just one of the best attractions Milwaukee has to offer. The Museum has an Imax built in, a whole area devoted to how Milwaukee looked a hundred years ago, Dinosaur exhibits, Egyptian Mummies, and the list goes on and on. If you like museums, you have to check this one out!

  6. Mitchell Park Domes

    The domes are an inexpensive attraction that won't disappoint. No matter the season it's a great place to visit. There are three domes - a tropical one, a desert one, and a floral show dome where they decorate for the season or holiday and have light shows. If you're looking for something fun to do for cheap, it's a great choice.

  7. Summerfest Music Festival

    Summerfest takes place along the lake in Milwaukee every summer around 4th of July. It's the world's largest music festival where you can see bands for free with admission or buy tickets to larger shows. There's food, drinks, and tons of fun! If you're in Southeastern Wisconsin during the summer, definitely check it out.

    (Admission is not always free, but sometimes for special occasions or benefits it is)

  8. Copper Falls

    Copper Falls is located in Northern Wisconsin and it is breath-takingly beautiful. If you enjoy hiking in the woods and seeing beautiful waterfall after beautiful waterfall, this is definitely worth the trip! Pack a lunch, charge up your camera, and get ready for some serious wilderness attractions.

  9. House on the Rock

    The House on the Rock is an architectual beauty! It is located in Spring Green, Wisconsin, and the house is built on a very impressive rock. Parts of Wisconsin have awesome landscape from when glaciers once covered the region. There's an Inn where people can stay, and you could spend hours and hours touring the house.

  10. Mars Cheese Castle

    Wisconsin is truly the dairy state of America, so don't visit without checking out the cheese! Mars Cheese Castle is located in Kenosha, which is the southern-most county on the eastern side of the state. After you're done here hop on a train and take a 30 minute ride to Chicago to visit the big city!

If you enjoy the more popular, urban attractions - the Wisconsin Dells is the way to go! If you enjoy the beauty of nature - Copper Falls is the best place to visit! You wouldn't think Wisconsin had that much to offer, but it's actually a pretty diverse place with something to offer everyone.