Top Chunky Weight Yarns for Big Needle Knitting and Crochet

Published: December 6, 2013

The best yarns to handcraft with need to be strong, pill free or very little pilling, colorful, also available in neutral shades, easy care and soft. The yarns don't need to be too soft at the same time they are finer as this will be a lower quality if it is an acrylic yarn. Also, the best yarns are chunky and thick so fashions knit or crochet up quickly with big needles or hooks.

  1. Lion Brand Homespun Yarn

    Lion Brand Homespun is the strongest, lushest soft yarn I know of. It calls for a K crochet hook which is size 10 1/2 and size 10 knitting needles but I like to use the 10 1/2 for either of these. This come is the most enticing colors like berry, olive, harvest and more. The price is $6.99 for a one-hundred--eighty-five-yard skien.

  2. Herrschnerr's Chunky Yarn

    Herrschnerr's Chunky has the rich colors you wish for and is easy care. For knitted items you use a size 10 needle and a size 11 crochet hook for crocheted items. This yarn is priced around $2-$3 a skein a vert reasonable price. Colors include rich jewel tones, deep pink, black, beige and off white.

  3. Fun Fur

    Exotic and fun, Fun Fur really knits up into a fur like fabric at a fraction of the cost. Bernat brand manufactures it. It is another easy care yarn that can be topped into the wash. This yarn comes in neutral shades plus bright shades lke bright blue or rich terra cotta. You will need a 10.5 hook for knitting or crochet. This is gorgeous.

All hooks should be Boyl. Boyl has gorgeous metallic hooks that last virtually forever and in every size as well as double ended crochet  hooks for making double ended crocket designs. These make for a studier knitted fabric. The best yarn here is Lion Brand Homespun Yarn.