Seven Best Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth

Published: December 6, 2013

There are ways to make the most of your teeth including how to make them endure through time, how to make them stronger, how to make them whiter and cosmetic procedures such as capping them or coating them with veneer. Much of the power is in your own hands. 

  1. See Your Dentist

    A lot of us do not go to the dentist every six months, furthermore, if you are disabled or for any other reason using a state government insurance, you will only be covered to get an examination once per year. Dental insurance companies are all becoming stricter and stricter making it harder to afford the dental care you may need. Try to go to the dentist as often as you can afford to. The dentist is an expert on teeth and can spot bad places on your teeth and show you where to be more careful so consequently you will get fewer cavities.


  2. Examine Your Mouth Regularly

    Tooth decay can begin and grow within a handful of weeks, so check your teeth in the mirror for places on the surface of your teeth including just under the gums that look pitted or black a few times each month. If you see anything call your dentist right away. The dental insurance companies, like the state coverage, have stringent limitations on their policy, but, do cover dental decay at any frequency. 

  3. Drink More Milk and Other Acid Free or Low Acid Beverages

    You should drink more fluids, more likely than not you don't drink at least 8 glasses a day. It maybe doesn't have to be 8 full glasses, for instance, probably 10-12 half glasses would be sufficient and easier to manage. It would also keep your mouth rinsed and more free of sugar and acids as long as you drink things that are free from sugars and acids. Good choices are water, milk, and low acid coffee like Puroast.

    When drinking the worst offenders, or the ones with damaging acids, which are fruit drinks both real and artificial and cola beverages, it is important to limit the frequency at which they are consumed. So these are not the ones to drink more of. 

  4. Cap Your Own Teeth

    There are stores that sell caps for your teeth. If you have a broken tooth that your dentist can't fix and is suggesting a cap for, you can purchase caps for a much lower cost and anchor them on the broken tooth or teeth yourself. To do this yourself you need a cap somewhat bigger than the base of the broken tooth. You might want to try the cap glue that you can also buy yourself but I find that just sticking it on when you have to be somewhere and popping it off later when you are alone is the least worrisome idea as if your cap gets uncomfortable you might fear you haven't attached it the right way and you might fear absessing teeth. That means by being able to just squeeze it onto the tooth temporaily is the winning idea until you can afford the dentist.

  5. Use Real Dental Floss

    Dental pics complete with a bar of foss across one end are cute, but they are not as efficient as the floss unless you're the talented acrobat in disguise. True they are better than nothing. What is best to do about this is to have both of them in your possession. Only use the pics when you are running late about something.

  6. Use Loaded Toothpaste

    Take your toothpaste loaded. Toothpaste you choose should have whitener, strengthener and hopefully tartar control. Toothpaste is stringently tested as to its safety for teeth. If it is on the shelf it will be safe for teeth whereas something you invent on your own such mixtures from peroxide and baking soda and maybe stir in a little mouth wash are risque. Take advantage of the toothpaste products that are all-in-one, they save time and since you're human this subconcious pleasure will compel you to brush more regularly, or, it does that to me.

  7. Veneer

    The ultimate way of caring for your teeth is to have veneers applied. This is very expensive though and most people won't be able to afford doing this. Veneers keep away decay, look whiter and fill in teeth where some of the teeth have gaps between them.

Teeth are your eating utensils. Teeth are also your personality as far as others view you because your teeth make a statement that helps people remember you. The best thing you can do for your teeth after brushing is to drink more acid free liquids especially water and milk. It is easy to forget that extra fluids help more than colds and cool down after exercise, that they also help your teeth  stay strong and erosion free.