The Five Best Cosmetics for a Freckled Face

Published: December 4, 2013

Freckles are something some actresses put on their face for roles not something you necessarily like permanently embedded onyour skin. To combat the frustrations that many freckle weary people face there are cosmetics. Sometimes there are cosmetics you have not even thought would work for the freckled complexion successfully.

  1. Exotic Blush

    This is so cute, I personally am too shy to wear this except for a very rare occasion. But I like it. It ias s wistful and pretty as if you were blessed with a clear complexion. Look how beautiful rose is here. In addition to a deep rose, a plum blush is great with freckles. The deeper shades make sure the freckles don't drown out its color. Nars and MAC have the most fitting shades for the freckled connoisseur.

  2. Simple Eyes

    Simple but pretty eyes are best with freckles, both 'assests' will really stand out and your job of making up your eyes is simplified both at once. Don't go too  heavy on shadow or liner although mascara can be a lavish as you like. Sky High Curves, various brands of 3x-10x mascara, all different shades of black from rich black to glitter black and colored mascaras are wonderfully complimentary with freckles.

  3. Concealing Foundation

    Dream Smooth Mousse make-up by Maybelline is rich and thick foundation that has a wide shade selection that is labeled as to which shades are light, medium or dark to cut out confusion. Try it in Natural Beige. Another choice that may provide a little less coverage but that is very flattering to your skin's texture is Maybelline Age Rewind, try the Sandy Beige if you have light to medium skin with freckles. 

    Revlon 'Cream to Powder' is good in Cool Beige or if you are extra light you might like Natural Beige. This has complete coverage, you may not have a single freckle showing in this. Then there is the Aqua-Smooth from Cover Girl. It has hung around for a while because it is pretty and it cuts out acne problems. This is lovely in Buff Beige for most freckled girls.

  4. Liner

    Start with brownish liner, it is better with this type of complexion than a harsh black. Browns and metallics really flatter the freckles and you. Felt tipped eyeliners create a thick but semi-transparent line that is dramatic but that will not overwhelm your lashes. Physicians Formula is a spectacular quality make-up line, the eye-defining felt-tipped pen is a fine example of this and it is available in a brown shade, dark brown. It is also reasonably priced at under $8. It is perfectly flattering to choose a liner pencil in the thickness you prefer, too, if you would rather. And, with pencils there is always a wide choice in colors at the discount marts. Apply your liner entirely across the top, or, from the middle of the lid to the outer corners, or, to the inner corners both top and bottom for uniqueness that gets second-look stares from your admirers.


  5. Nails

    Nails are not on your face but your hands reflect upon your face regularly. That is why nails are on this list of the best things to do for a freckled face.

    Nails can be shaped into more than one design, like oval, square, or tapered. The square and oval shape works for all lengths yet you need long nail to have tapered talons. To enhance freckles nails should be polished at all times, even if you use clear polish. You should also choose polish with hardener or wear a nude colored or clear hardener under your polish.

    Great nail colors for freckles include beige, peach, plum, brown and gray. Other shades could work such as copper, sport blue and bright yellow or deep green. 

Freckled women are not less beautiful than their clear-skinned sisters. They can use cosmetics to enhance what they have and make an impression. The top thing or best item on this list is the liner, the eye liner takes away from the freckles and creates instant lashes even without mascara. It also reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. A freckled skin can get a way with just liner as the freckles give their face some color already.