Top 10 things every child should do

Published: December 4, 2013

This is a list of things that every child should experience while growing up.  Everything on this list will help them develop into a well-rounded young person.

  1. Play a team sport like TBall

    It is so important because it provides exercise AND teaches kids how to socialize at a young age.

  2. Learn to ride a bike

    This teaches kids that they have to keep trying if they want to accomplish their goals, and gives them a great sense of accomplishment.

  3. Learn to swim

    This gives children a sense of independence, and provides a way to have fun and stay fit!

  4. Go sledding

    It's one of those things children never forget.  They conquer a small fear then have loads of fun!

  5. Learn to cook something

    It helps kids learn how to follow directions, and spend some quality time with mom or dad.

  6. Eat at a fancy restaurant

    Manners, manners, and more manners.  The earlier they learn them, the better off they'll be.

  7. Go camping

    Camping teaches kids how to respect nature, and teaches them about the outdoors.

  8. Get muddy

    Go play in the rain!  It teaches kids life can be a little messy sometimes, and you can have fun when it does! 

  9. Go on an airplane

    Get the fear out of the way early and teach them that the world is a small place!

  10. Have a pet

    Teach them the responsibilty of caring for another living thing. 


These are memories that people can take from their childhood well into their adult life.