Ten Top Nicest Sweetest Best Fragrances for Women with One for Men Too

Published: December 4, 2013

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion yet when you are talking about colognes or scents of any mode certain stand-bys go over more unanimously than others. Each year, typically, there are new scents created by our favorite celebrities. I find these to be a good choice every time. More best choices are in the list ahead.

  1. Amarige

    Amarige is slightly spicy, slightly sweet. It lasts a long time and it is different than fragrance like Curious by Britney Spears or White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor. It is probably the wood and the tuberose that makes it different but good. This is best to impress.

  2. Obsession by Calvin Klein

    This may seem old fashioned but it could stand a come back in my book. Another example of a scent that will still be on a few hours later for you to enjoy again. Obsession is best for anytime sans an athletic event where you are performing in that case I would choose Mariah Carey Lollipop Ribbon for its soft blueberry scent or Cotton Candy by Candies, or, of course, Ribbons body wash. I'm just joking.

  3. Pavlova

    With Pavlova the tuberose and ylang ylang really stand out and then there is the jasmine note. It is so feminine but not powdery, I do not want powdery in my cologne, that is for talcom powder! Pavlova is kind of nice for church.

  4. Pink Sugar

    Pink Sugar is super sweet and fun, even though it is like, maybe sugar cookies to sniff, it is also like perfume or cologne. This is best for when you want to exuberate enthusium, or, maybe when it is your day, according to you, or, your birthday.

  5. Bvlgari The Rouge

    A unisex one by Bvlgari with woods, nuts, ozone and citrus you can use this with everythig, especially jeans or contemporary fashion. You could pass it around to your entire family, if they are at least sixteen. Speaking of fashion this is really great to have on when you go shopping for an update to your wardrobe. This is the best fragrance with jeans.

  6. Fendi

    Powerful, I think, and endurable. Sometimes modern fragrance is too weak. When I want to be sure I will get to enjoy the smell hours more, I choose Fendi to wear today. It is warming to wear, and, intense. The next best fragrance which is a blending of, my favorite, peach, plus, raspberry, apricot, ordhid and several more floral notes as well as sandalwood, vanilla and cedar, that is also Fendi, is Fendi Asja. I have not tried thai but I am going to.

  7. United Colors of Benetton

    United Colors of Benetton is the best oriental fragrance I have tried. Its smell is amazingly good with mandarin orange, heliotrope, cotton and cacao infused in to the formula you get an interestng scent that is nice to have on hand for dressing up but can't decide what scent is appropriate. When you think maybe none at all United Colors of Benetton is the one to reach for. United Colors of Benetton is best for uncertain occasions.

  8. Eternity

    This name is easy to remember. It is light without being invisible. You will get to smell this lingering a little more than some of the newer fragrances. This is a green scent with white floral and the teeniest bit of spice. It has somewhat of a ighthearted touch and quite a lot of exhilierating mood to it.

  9. Make Your Own Fragrance - Coconut and Chocolate with Almond

    At a perfume laboratory for creating frangrance on your own you will find exotic scents that you might to us alone. Or, you can mix them and the company will produce your concoction for you. One of the best perfume mixers is the UK company called EsScentual Fragrance. You can choose from exotic flowers, spices, gourmet food scent and fruits, woods or herbs.

  10. Ciara

    Smoking hot, Ciara, is not new, but it is an earthy combnation of exotic flowers, myrrh, incense, leather and jasmine. Just read the list of ingredients to yourself and see how exciting the scent is. Ciarra smells great. It is by Revlon. This is best for work or for dates.

The top fragrance on the list is Bvlgari The Rouge. It fits most peoples lifestyle. You can share it with your booyfriend or husband. This Eau De Cologne was launched in 2006. From mixing your own to choosing a classic scent you will like the ones here, maybe even best, like I do.