The Best Flash Games Online

Published: December 4, 2013

Flash Games have been especially popular several years ago with the rise of the internet. Flash games offered really great gameplay for anyone with an internet connection. You can still play some popular flash games online via Addicting Games. This list covers three of the best games from the flash games era.

  1. Four Second Fury

    Four Second Fury is a really great game where you play 20 quick games with different objectives. It is very similar to the WarioWare games made popular on the Nintendo Wii and DS. The Four Second franchise spawned two equally popular sequels, known as Four Second Frenzy and Four Second Firestorm respectively.

  2. Escape: The Car

    Escape games are especially popular in the flash game format because they're easy to make but offer good gameplay for the casual gamer. In this game, you wake up with no recollection of what has happened to you. All that you know is that you want to escape the car that you're currently trapped in. This particular series spawned many sequels. Each game offered a really good challenge in its own right, but the game, like many flash games, has very little replay value.

  3. Fishy

    Fishy is a flash game where you play a tiny fish looking to grow big. The only way you can do so is by eating fish that are smaller than you. If you are touched by a fish bigger than you, you will be eaten and then the game will end. The game is particularly enjoyable because of its challenge and relatively simple gameplay. If you grow big enough to eat any fish, you will eventually destroy the ecosystem, which is also fun.

Flash games enjoyed the height of their popularity around the years 2006 to 2010. These games offered free games for anyone with an internet connection to enjoy. They were never intensive in terms of size, but could offer hours of gameplay. The best game on this list is easily Four Second Fury. The Four Second series was one of the few that offered actual replay value without taking too much time to load.