Top Moments in Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary

Published: December 4, 2013

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary featured, among other things, John Hurt as the War Doctor, David Tennant back on the Doctor Who set as the Tenth Doctor, and Billie Piper playing The Moment. This list covers the top moments in this absolutely special episode of Doctor Who, and will contain heavy spoilers.

  1. The Doctors Converge on Gallifrey

    When the Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, and the War Doctor decide to freeze Gallifrey in stasis, they converge on the embattled planet. Additionally, the previous regenerations of the Doctors also come into the scene, featuring brief stock footage of each of the Doctors. What no one expects is the Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, to briefly appear as well. It's a goosebump inducing scene that promises to lend a bigger storyline in the Doctor Who universe since Gallifrey was successfully saved in time.

  2. Billie Piper Returns

    When Billie Piper was originally revealed to be in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, many fans assumed that she would be reprising her role as Rose Tyler. In reality, Piper plays The Moment, a powerful Time Lord weapon that has the ability to adopt a personality. Billie Piper provides some absolutely humorous moments throughout the episode as well as feelings of nostalgia for the Ninth and Tenth Doctors.

  3. The Stein's Gate Resolution

    No, Okabe Rintarou does not make a strange crossover appearance in the 50th anniversary. I'm actually referring to the overall resolution acheived by the three Doctors in the 50th anniversary special.

    In Stein's Gate, Okabe Rintarou stumbles upon the dead Makise Kurisu and suffers for three weeks filled with time travel only to find out that a future version of him is the cause of Kurisu's death. The plot is resolved by a future Okabe faking the death of Kurisu.

    In the 50th, The Doctor suffers because he caused the death of his entire race. With the resolution of the episode, it is revealed that the Doctors essentially fake the death of Gallifrey but the past iterations of the Doctors have to suffer with the guilt of destroying the planet.

    The associations are loose, but the two storylines draw some interesting parallels.

Overall, I believe that the 50th anniversary episode raised a lot of important questions in the Doctor Who universe. Additionally, it immediately became a classic episode in the Doctor Who series. I believe the best surprise that the 50th presented was the appearance of all of the Doctors converging on Gallifrey. If you haven't watched the 50th anniversary episode, I highly recommend it.

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