Top AFC Contenders for the Super Bowl

Published: December 4, 2013

The AFC features some talented teams looking for a chance to win the Super Bowl. This list will cover each of the teams in the playoff picture as if the playoffs were to begin today. Note that some of these teams may not make it into the postseason.

  1. The Denver Broncos

    Who's Tim Tebow? The first seeded Denver Broncos look young, quick, and smart. Denver is benefitting greatly from Payton Manning's presence at the quarterback position. Despite the drama surrounding Von Miller and other changes in the Denver lineup, the Broncos look strong and ready to take on the Super Bowl.

  2. The Indianapolis Colts

    The third seeded Colts are looking to clinch a playoff berth this week with a win or a Titans loss. With an offense led by Andrew Luck, the Colts have the potential to go deep into the postseason. They have won tough games against good teams, and can do more of the same in the playoffs.

  3. The New England Patriots

    The second seeded Patriots are making a habit of escaping games by the skin of their teeth. After escaping Houston with a win, it's clear that the Patriots cannot continue this bad habit if they want to win in the postseason. The Texans absolutely stifled the Patriot running game, but the passing game led by Tom Brady looks as strong as ever.

  4. The Kansas City Chiefs

    Granted, two of the Kansas City Chiefs losses are to the top seeded Denver Broncos. Additionally, no one could have expected the Chiefs to make the strong turnaround they have after a forgettable season. However, if the Chiefs want to compete, then they'll have to figure out a way to stifle offenses, improve the running game, and beat Payton Manning. A Chiefs offense that was strong in the first half is beginning to scuffle and teams do not want to enter the playoffs in scuffle mode.

  5. The Cincinnatti Bengals

    The Bengals are absolutely a dark horse candidate for the Super Bowl. The team largely flies under the radar, but puts together a solid season every year. The Bengals have an excellent offense tempered by a strong defense, but a first round wild card game against the Kansas City Chiefs would be extremely stiff competition indeed.

  6. The Baltimore Ravens

    A year removed from winning it all, the Ravens find themselves on the bottom of this list. Why? Staring at an admittedly weak schedule, the Ravens barely managed to hit the break even mark. With stiff competition for the next four weeks, and with teams in the hunt for the hotly contested sixth seed, if the Ravens can last in the regular season, they might have a chance in the playoffs.

This past World Series featured two teams that were the top seed in their respective league. In the National Football League, don't be surprised if that is also the same. Look for the Denver Broncos to perform the best on this list, and quite possibly beat the NFC team for the Super Bowl.