The Best Heating and Air Conditioning Businesses in Paducah Ky

Published: December 4, 2013

You cannot let your heating and cooling system go like you could some other things. You also cannot afford to hire an amateur to fix your equipment or home appliance as you have made a major investment monetarily in these. Therefore what you want is an experienced and licensed technician to do the servicing and installation of your HVAC equipment and this is what the following companies have.

  1. Carter Service Company

    Carter Service Company at 2665 State Route 121 S. Murray provides top-notch service and repair in all types of buildings both residential and commercial as well as for mobile home owners. Specializing in heating systems and commercial refrigeration  they also take care of gas line installation.

  2. Air-Tech Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

    All jobs both big and small are made to order at Air-Tech found at 6430 Kentucky Dam Road. This company has experience in two directions, one, 40 years of experience, two, knowledge of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical and commercial cooking equipment. Their company incorporates sales, installation and servicing for all of the above so you don't have to go anywhere else for maintenance or repair for any of the things they do.

    Call them at 270-898-5748.

  3. Paducah Heating and Air Conditioning

    In the heart of Paducah on Park Avenue, Paducah Heating and Air Conditioning. Yet another company that handles all request either residential or commercial. Paducah Heating and Air Conditioning also fabricates sheet metal into roofs and more and they service ships even to the point of meeting them on the river. Boats they take care of include barges, ships or houseboats.

  4. Lennox Central Heating and Air Conditioning Company

    Lennox provides multi-tasking heating and cooling systems that also control humidity and allergens. In addition they have systems that control ozone or pet dander and VOCs like their Carbon Clean 16. Who could ask for more? This company is also located in the heart of Paducah at 1501 Martin Luther King Drive. They sell garage heaters which might interest you.

    Some of the things floating invisibly around you, take for instance ozone, which can be omitted into your air via printers, copy machines and electronic types of equipment. 

Taking care of your home means taking care of the climate within your home, so it is truly home, a place for family to gather and connect, and a place that should be comfortable. The best Heating and Air Conditioning Company in the Paducah vicinity is Air Tech as the best all-in-one for homeowners and running a close second is Carter.