The Best Roof Cleaning Service

Published: October 11, 2019

This list is about roof cleaning.  In the Pacific Northwest we have a lot of rainy days.  And  what comes with the rain? well growth for the greenery in Oregon, that's why it's so beautiful here.  Well greens can grow anywhere and apparently even on a roof?  Which apparently isn't the best thing.  Why? well it'll ruin your roof and cause leakage.  Yeah my roof was leaking so I needed to it fixed.  Well luckily I caught it early enough and so I didn't need a full roof replacement. 

  1. Tony Rosales

    Great guy, came out to see if he can salvage my roof because I did have a patch of moss.  Went up there inspected it for free.  Explained exactly what the process would be and gave me options.  Luckily he didn't charge for a full roof.  

  2. Eagle Roof & Gutter Cleaning

    The crew came thru the week after, They gave me a good deal so I went ahead and did the full cleaning and prevention package.  So they took off what they could right now and in a few months will continue to treat my roof to further kill the little molecules that are left

Great service and great communication Eagle Roof & Gutter Cleaning was honest and laid out the options of what I could go with in order to fix my roof moss issue.  Would highly recommend them.