The Best Restaurants in Ohio

Published: December 4, 2013

I will be creating a list of the best Restaurants in Ohio based on location, price, menu variety, and general uniqueness of each restaurant. I will also include food quality, service, and atmosphere.

Each restaurant will be given an overall score on a scale of 0 to 100 at the end.

  1. The Wild Horse Cafe


    Located on the Ohio river in Pomeroy, Ohio, the Wild Horse Cafe is an excellent choice wether your out drinking with friends or wanting a quiet meal with your significant other. Upon entering you will noticed several family sized booths and exceptional tasteful decor is splayed through out the entire building.

    Appetizers include fried shrimp cocktail, fried chicken tenders, Nachos and cheese, mexican style chips and salsa, just to name a few. Entrees include New York strips, Ribeyes, and tequila infused grilled chicken.

    Alcohol and beverage selection is abundant, including many wines, foreign and domestic beers. A simple bar area seperate from the restaurant is also available any time of the day. Staff are friendly, courteous and polite. Definitely a place to visit for good food, staff, and service.

    Overall rating : 100

  2. Red Lobster of Chillicothe, Ohio


    Red Lobster makes the list specifically because of the health factor. For body builders or those looking to lose weight Red Lobster is the place to be. The menu includes many high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate selections which include rock lobster tail, halibut, and variable mix and match combos.

    For those with a sweet tooth, they also have several desserts such as cheese cake and strawberry shortcake as well. The decor and atmosphere is rather unremarkable but includes an over sized bar and beverage selection. The price is on the higher end for a restaurant chain but it's to be expected for a place that serves primarily seafood.

    Overall rating : 97


  3. China One


    Located in Gallipolis, Ohio, the outside of China One Buffet is rather unremarkable, instead blending in with other small chain stores in a down town plaza. However, after paying a rather small fee for a virtually unlimited buffet, it becomes obvious why the place is so crowded.

    The sheer selection and choices of the buffet are nothing short of exceptional and aren't limited to just Chinese food. Other choices include Italian, Japanese, domestic, and dessert.

    Service is instant and no added gratuity is expected. The meal isn't rushed and take out is also available, all around a good experience.

    Overall rating : 97

Each and every restaurant on this list is exceptional in some way. For a night out on the town with friends, The Wild Horse Cafe has tons of space, an exceptional beverage, and a covered out door patio for those nice nights.

Red Loster has a menu packed with healthy, low fat, low carbohydrate selection, a bar with a wide selection is also available. China One makes the list as it has an exceptional selection of foods, including several nationalities and a huge dessert selection as well. Choose any of these 3 restaurants and you won't leave disappointed.